Ossie’s Dream – 1980/81 Cup Final Squad with Chas & Dave

I found this on an old VHS tape of Top of the Pops. It may interest Spurs Fans – as well as fans of Chas and Dave – since it features clips from the 1981 Cup Final. It also features the Top of the Pops Dancers Legs & Co, and the Tottenham Squad with some fairly awful miming.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. urchin76

    we only had 45 mins to get 3 goals,,,,youve got 90 to get 4,,, good luck spurs,,keep the faith its not impossible,, real madrid are not that good…YNWA

  2. dpsparhawk

    ahhh back in the day when there was for the most part, English footballers in english teams. Oh yes, there’s an irony there with Ossie but at least you could pronounce 90% of the teams names. Now it’s fkin joke.


    @xxvickyxxbelxx – we’ll be back at wembley in a few weeks to give chelsea another good hiding in a cup final. spurs, champions of europe..

  4. Sandler41882

    @berryboy2006 I’d rather have us Jews than all the stupid muslims that go to watch Arsenal. that stadium is filled with them on matchday.

  5. berryboy2006

    @Sandler41882 ur club is run by jjews, even fuckign worse.

    glory hunter :L support them all my life. gF?

  6. Sandler41882

    @berryboy2006 arsenal have a large amount of Jewish support you stupid fucking prick.

    Figure out your pathetic glory hunter club.

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