Tottenham Hotspur – Games To Remember

After a disastrous start to the season, the Spurs fans needed a performance to be proud of and on the 29th October 2008 they finally got it. After being taunted by Arsenal fans from the start of the season Spurs managed to turn the tables in dramatic fashion in a game that will go down as ‘one of the most memorable North London derbies of all time.’

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  1. JGinger64

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  2. spGhost1986

    I had shit the other day thinking of Spurs. Best feeling ever

    Ugly muggy small time club with cock sucking dirty YID fans

  3. westham4eva100


  4. Hauler24

    Even though we just beat Arsenal in a thrilling comeback this is still my favorite comeback and I think this video does it for me.


    Any Spurs fan that wants us to stay in Tottenham and not move to the Olympic Stadium like a load of gypsies like Arsenal would do, please send me a message or reply to my comment. That way I can send you a private message giving you a link to a petition against it. Its the big peittion and not some small individual one so its guaranteed to help.

    So comment back to me or send me a message. Hope you’ll join me in keeping our club where it belongs.



    We didn’t win the World Cup, we just beat some shit team from South London.

    2-0 and you fucked it up cunt.

  7. chris7holland89

    oh come on its 4-4 what would you do if you win hahahahahahaha ….ofcourse because its arsenal then it would be like u have won the world cup 😀 hahahahahaha ARSENAAAAAAAAAAL

  8. RowanMarkBrasier

    @spursthfc3 I can’t be a “proper one” its Football you little pussy, since when do you have to support the club team in your city to be a “proper scouser”

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