Tottenham Hotspur – Games To Remember

Part of the Games To Remember series in the 2007/08 season. The first Carling Cup Final to be held at the new Wembley ended in glory for Tottenham Hotspur as they won their first major trophy for 9 years beating Chelsea 2-1 after extra time

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  2. 99JamesMac

    The guys who were going on about arsenal beating our reserves 4-1 look like right tossers now :L errr what was the score? Oh yeah 3 fucking 2!


    Any Spurs fan that wants us to stay in Tottenham and not move to the Olympic Stadium like a load of gypsies like Arsenal would do, please send me a message or reply to my comment. That way I can send you a private message giving you a link to a petition against it. Its the big peittion and not some small individual one so its guaranteed to help.

    So comment back to me or send me a message. Hope you’ll join me in keeping our club where it belongs.

  4. TheWestEnd7

    @lawro770 i saw that vid. Tottenham Hotspur champions league here we come. Wicked mate ! thanx for the tip

  5. lawro770

    lots of great Spurs memories ! i love the tune you have used . i know that you will like the Tottenham Hotspur Champions league here we come vid. good tune going with that one too. IBIZA SPURS!

  6. brawlerwoods

    1997-98 Arsenal 1st … Tottenham 14th
    1998-99 Arsenal 2nd … Tottenham? 11th
    1999-00 Arsenal 2nd … Tottenham 10th
    2000-01 Arsenal 2nd … Tottenham 12th
    2001-02 Arsenal 1st … Tottenham 9th?
    …2002-03 Arsenal 2nd … Tottenham 10th
    2003-04 Arsenal 1st … Tottenham 14th
    2004-05 Arsenal 2nd … Tottenham 9th
    2005-06 Arsenal 4th … Tottenham 5th
    2006-07 Aresnal 4th … Tottenham 5th
    2007-08 Arsenal 3rd … Tottenham 11th
    Nuff said.
    AFC (Pride of North London)

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