24 Comments to “Tottenham Hotspur – End of Season 2010/11 [HD]”

  1. Maitu Smith

    i think hes not to bad but he keeps giving the ball away when we need to keep hold of it and drifts out of posistion to much

  2. MrRamsay8

    lol everytime i think its a glass of wine then you come and till me its a water bottle lol i guess a water bottle does make more sense

  3. FlowerintheBottle

    Sad we went only in Europa League this season, but hopefully, with some new big signings, we’ll reach CL regularly and people will stop saying we’re a mid-table club.

  4. davedroid

    awesome video , gave me goose bumps,Hopefully tottenham can land two big strikers and they will forge a path back into the champions league and again we might dare to dream of bigger things.

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