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  1. DaddelBusk

    @anhihong clearly.
    but sadly, arrogance follows success.
    and were did you get hypocrite from? i’m not pretending.
    sadly, neither are you.

  2. anhihong

    @DaddelBusk Ur full of it mate. Just so bitter and twisted that we are more sucessful and bigger than U. Picking on smallest pointless things to argue about. You slag of our manager for being foreign – yet you had more foreign managers than us. Dont be a Hypocrite. Now the stadium? pathetic. You tried to Hijack Olympic stad from the Hammers, and still contesting it. When u finally moved somewhere, dont try and tell me you wont hold naming rights for the new stad…Such a Hypo.

  3. DaddelBusk

    @anhihong firstly, grow up
    secondly, your team are so corrupt they name their stadium after an airline company, sooo much honour in that.
    thirdly, please don’t get me going on your foreign offside-masters.
    and finally, why so tense? get some pills. this isn’t to good for you i’m afraid.

  4. anhihong

    @DaddelBusk oh please, your 3 best players this season aint English. VDV-Dutch, Bale-Welsh (still foreigner), Modric (croat). As for managers…Ossie Ardiles, Christian Gross, Jacques Santini, Martin Jol, Juande ramos….you make it sound like you never had a Foreign Manager. In fact Arsenal ONLY ever had 1 non-UK manager, and he won more trophies than all of them put together!!, including Arry. POT KETTLE BLACK?? Trying to steal West Ham stadium…shame on you Stratford Hotspuds

  5. DaddelBusk

    @anhihong i see you don’t really know how to make serious arguments, be a little more serious.
    arsenal is kept up by nothing but foreign assholes, tottenham is owned by british and coached by british.
    thats what matters.

  6. anhihong

    @DaddelBusk Your taking money from the Yanks and Germans!…but so what? We are not a tiny bit…we are a hellava lot better than u. The only place ur marching to is Channel 5 nxt season, Arry is deluded if he thinks you can win a title in a few yrs. You need much longer than that. 51 years since you won the league…Wolves and Blackburn has won it more than U….ROTFLMAO!!

  7. anhihong

    @DaddelBusk Sweetheart. Our Majority shareholder is a Yank…So what? Picking a argument ova nothing. We were both competing for 4 trophies, But We were title contenders until the last 2 games, we knocked u out of carling cup, and got 2 stages further than u in FA cup. U got thru 1 stage further in Champs lge…in which you didnt even score a goal. At least we beat Barca in 1 leg and scored in both. Barca who trashed Real, the same Real who put 5 pass you. Channel 5 for u Stratford Hotspuds

  8. DaddelBusk

    @anhihong well, atleast we aint fake, we aint yankees, we aint arrogant no good french and we aint taking money from the oil sheiks 🙂
    you may be a tiny bit better but you are still arseholes.

  9. DaddelBusk

    @anhihong not talking about the players, yankee ownership isn’t excactly what i call british, and your monsieur managers 6 year break from trophies isn’t something to brag about either.
    and look at the progression, arsenal stuck in the middle while we are currently climbing to the top.
    champions league quarters and where did you go, bye bye woolwich arsenal from the group stage.

  10. anhihong

    Arsenal, Man U, Chelsea, City, Liverpool, NewCastle and even West Brom scored more goals than u…so dont believe the hype that you were the best free flowing attacking team in the Prem. And to make it worse 7 other teams had a better defensive record than U!! and you guys wonder why you only made 5 spot….you were NEVER title contenders. NEVER. Its been 16 years since you finshed above us in the league!! Keep Looking up as usual.!!

  11. anhihong

    @DaddelBusk and lets not get started on King and Woodgate…i think they played 8 games between them all season. Most of your english players are just average. King/wood are decent but there both so injury prone they aint worth it. U need to cut your losses and move on. Walcott played 25 and scored 13!. that special. Lennon is in his pocket and has just not been good enough all season.

  12. anhihong

    @DaddelBusk ur clutching at straws cupcake. U have a German shirt sponsor…. and yes u do have more English players, but that because most are shite and cant get into the england starting 11. Lets break it down. Lennon 34 app, 3 goals (thats a disgrace for a ‘attacking winger’), jenas 19 (0), Huddle 19 (2), Bentley (harry cant get rid of him). Those 4 not gud enough in England 11. Dawson/Defoe maybe…crouch is just plan B (wen u cant play football, just play longball and hoof it up)

  13. DaddelBusk

    @anhihong i must say i like your original all american owners, keeping the tradition with british football is something arsenal can’t do.

  14. DubaiSpur

    Le Arse, classy as ever .How’s end of season, then, goons? Loss after loss….Wenger, yep, the answer, the future…heh heh..

  15. JGinger64

    Love this video!
    if you want to see another great spurs video, click on my channel, thankyou fellow yids, COYS!

  16. anhihong

    @BowlingForSoup2010 . Um i think u will find our team is younger than yours…but even if it aint. so what? hows is that an insult? getting desperate huh? Bale is a v.good player, but not £50m good. He played 32 times and scored 11. Walcott played 19 and scored 11. So whose more prolific and better finisher? In fact, Walcott has scored more goals than most of midfielders put together (Sandro, Modric, Jenas, Lennon, Piennar, Huddle, Kranjcar, palicos) 154 appearances this season & only 9 goals!!

  17. BowlingForSoup2010

    @anhihong hate arsenal fans they are so goddamn gobby !!! who has beat you in the last 2 premier league games ? tottenham. who has a full team of old people ? arsenal. who has one of the best players in the world right now ? SPURS !!!! coys forever.

  18. MarshmallowPL

    Amazing Film ! Amazing Team ! Amazing Goals ! Amazing Players ! You are my favourite team in England ! <3 Greetings from Lech Poznan Fan ! 🙂 100000/5 Thumb Up and Subscribe ! Clic ! Invite to me /watch?v=WtTLCeQ5UqE

  19. anhihong

    @BigYid1604 Every arsenal vid on Utube has a yid making comments, what u on about? ok well thats like saying you should never been in the league for the last 50 years! cos u aint won it and YOU never was in the title race…and dont care how deluded Redkanpp is. U never was in the title race….maybe next year huh (Spuds favourite line) its always “maybe next year”. Stratford Hotspurs Wannabe

  20. BigYid1604

    @anhihong you might have been in the champ league for the last “decade”, thats all good eccept the fact that you might as well just not beenin it because you ain’t won it. Coming on to spurs video’s and saying that you are better just childih because you dont see any spurs fan going onto ur vids and saying tottenham’s better just to start an arguement. You must have been feeling really lonely that night when you watched it becaus your an ar23nal fan and going onto a spurs video is stupid.

  21. anhihong

    @BigYid1604 When did I ever say you wer sh@t? Im saying your not the best team in N London, doesn’t mean ur sh@t. It means your just not as good as Arsenal. After all the hype, all the boasting, small victories….its halfway thru season 2011. You are out of the Carling cup, out of the FA cup, out of the Prem Title race (u mite not even get that precious 4th spot). Now u know how hard it is to compete domestically when u are in champs league. Something Arsenal has been in for the last decade

  22. BigYid1604

    @anhihong You are just Like most arsenal fans thinking they can go on to a spurs video and keep saying “Oh your shit” when its quite clear to anybody that were not But clearly you doubt arsenals skill because you think you need to come on to a spurs video and trash talk to make you feel better about yourself, making you feel good.Like most arsenal fans you can’t find a decent video on arsenal because they dont have enough good clips to make one over 10 secs and thats including the 9 sec start…

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