25 Comments to “Glory Glory Tottenham Hotspur”

  1. Hinata1632

    @Daniel230396 actually this song is dated from the 60s… man utd ripped off spurs. do ur fcking research

  2. Daniel230396

    LOL you are so cool, when you call me gay just because i say what everyone is thiking about this video.
    It must be very imbaresing not to make your own song.

  3. jjjppp22

    Glory glory tottenham hotspur
    Glory glory tottenham hotspur
    Glory glory tottenham hotspur
    ANd the club is going down down down

  4. o0LuisNani170o

    why are they so poor? When they think they need to cover uniteds song then they even could have changed the melodie!!!! TOTTENHAM SUCKS!

  5. class377

    I’m a Man United fan…giving you the best of luck for the chelsea game tomorrow…hope you win or gain at least a draw…we will win hopefully against Arseanal…good luck anyway from Scotland

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