23 Comments to “Clint Dempsey talks about Tottenham Hotspur’s 3-0 win in the FA Cup vs Coventry City”

  1. nel camon

    I watch soccer (or football, whatever) in the states and coverage isn’t as focused as it should. both espn and fox need to stop showing replays alltogether. shit get’s annoying and confusing sometimes. show it live or don’t show it….fa cup coverage is grab baggy….seems like Celtic is generally covered the best, which is cool cause they’d played some wild ones in ’12. but they definitely don’t show enough tott’m matches which is kinda weird, given Dempsey. Fuck it, Clint needs more minutes

  2. SoulMan1994

    Honest spurs supporters don’t give this man such a hard time…. i’m a Fulham supporter and obviously i was annoyed in the manner that he left but he will do you well for you lot, he’s a player that will take his opportunities for example when Bobby Zamora(Yes he was scoring goals for fun) got injured Clint stepped up and made himself a name! i have a feeling he would do the same if Defoe got injured, he’d score the goals for you lot!

  3. shnickel1

    if anything it would be Adebayor’s spot. But I completely agree with your comment. He’s best as a midfielder, for both club and country. However, if Stuart Holden returns to his abilities that he had before his injury (I have my hopes), then maybe Dempsey as striker for the US isn’t bad, also assuming Donovan stays. I’m being hopeful though.

  4. shnickel1

    That’s what rivals do. Chicharito and Dos Santos are always going to be compared to Landon Donovan and Clint Dempsey simply because they are the best of each other’s rival teams.

  5. shnickel1

    only a matter of time, he was phenomenal at a lesser team. Contributed to 54% of goals at Fulham through goals and assists. He just needed to be settled.

  6. kdott101

    I don’t understand why everyone is talking about dempsey taking defoe’s spot up top. i don’t think avb is even slightly considering that…dempsey is not a striker..he can sit under a striker and kind of hold up play and link up or he can play on the wing. just cause someone scores goals doesn’t mean they should play further up the field. Also as an American he better keep playing under the striker as that would be good for our national team lol

  7. Kompoism

    So you are saying we should drop Defoe for a striker who has ummed and arrred about whether to go to the ACN and at the last minute has decided to go? Hell seeing as Defoe is so shit, lets just play Gallas up front instead. You obviously dont rate Defoe and seem to have some personal vendetta against those that do. Stats dont mean shit sometimes so dont rely on them! Just because we have Dempsey doesn’t mean we should drop the top scorer. WE are doing ok so why change it?

  8. PlLOT

    If you think defoe sucks with a career record of 190 goals in the EPL.. then idk what to tell you bro. As much as I like dempsey I dont think he should take the place of defoe. Defoe is insanely good.. and this is coming from an american

  9. Daves0nDrums

    I know he has one or two detractors, but last season Dempsey contributed either by scoring, or assisting 54% of Fulham’s league goals. That’s no fluke statistic, that’s a dangerous player.

  10. fueledbyalx

    I’m from the US
    And dempsey has not been performing well…he deserves to be in the bench but I’m not sure since adebayor is not playing so well either
    I think I rather see dempsey playing  up front than adebayor

    Defoe is great

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