25 Comments to “Tottenham’s Jermain Defoe”

  1. BigBoiBoss1

    Tottenham was born in Tottenham, and Tottenham will die in Tottenham, we are N17 not E17, we are not Stratford Hotspur, we are Tottenham Hotspur!



    Any Spurs fan that wants us to stay in Tottenham and not move to the Olympic Stadium like a load of gypsies like Arsenal would do, please send me a message or reply to my comment. That way I can send you a private message giving you a link to a petition against it. Its the big peittion and not some small individual one so its guaranteed to help.

    So comment back to me or send me a message. Hope you’ll join me in keeping our club where it belongs.

  3. silvioita

    hello am a striker, I have 20 years.
    my dream is to play in Europe, I really want an opportunity.
    see my videos on my channel!

  4. Ninety2q

    He’s starting tomorrow against Slovenia which I feel is a good move. The squad needs a fresh face and play maker.


    Great video mate.

    Jermaine Defoe is simply to big for Portsmouth, Charlton and West Ham. I was delighted when he returned to his club, his home and a club that can give him what he deserves.

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