Tottenham Hotspur Vs. Manchester City – The Top Four Final [HD]

WATCH IN HD! Made By Edvard Jørgensen 🙂 This is a vid showing one of the most important games in this seasons Premier League. Manchester City against Tottenham. This game desided wich one of these two great teams that would make the top four, and qualify for the Uefa Champions League….

25 Comments to “Tottenham Hotspur Vs. Manchester City – The Top Four Final [HD]”

  1. Eminem117Nas

    my gosh Tottenham is underrated we own Milan and people be hating on us just because we lost to Blackpool and saying we dont have experience fuck that seriously theirs a reason why we are in the top four in the EPL

  2. BeseechTheMasses

    @Mermadem by out playing milan, and defending resolutely spurs got lucky? what are you on? im guessing your a bitter gooner or chelski fanboy

  3. Mermadem

    @nild0w dey got lucky against milan they r not like dey used 2 b but spurs wil hit a brick wall in the quarter finals, n it’ll b their cut off point.

  4. spagetti001

    love spurs, the most awesome team in the world…milan never stood a chance. push forward spurs you can make it to the final! ps.: i also love muse:)

  5. bobinozdotcom

    @robinwisloch Yeah, I watched the first leg, closest they got to destroying us was a headbut and a leg crunching tackle, hehe! See you at WHL.

  6. SkyTubeHD

    It really annoys me because Peter Crouch scored that goal for tottenham hotspurs to get them into the chmapions league. He has also scored about 5 goals in the champions league for tottenham hotspurs this season and scored 23 goals for england . Fabio Capello & Harry Rednapp keep him on the bench 70% of the time. I think they are both stupid because he is so good in the air and has good feet to shoot as well. They must be mad to leave him on the bench most of the time.

  7. TheSupremeK

    one of the best results in our recent history, i remember watching this game at home and didn’t have any finger nails by the final whistle haha COYS

  8. poketradersuk

    Am I the only one who loves when Roberto Mancini places his face in his hands, knowing he has just lost to the MIGHTY YIDS?!

  9. markg541

    signed in to say this is a brillant video espically showing the clip of how it means to the city fan at 0.32 will you make an ac mila one?

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