Tottenham Hotspur – Last Important Games Before City [HD]

Check out IN Hd! Created By Edvard Jørgensen 🙂 Credits to my pal Simen Ullern. This is a vid exhibiting the Previous important games ahead of the Manchester City sport in the period 2009/2010. We produced the leading four, and certified for the UEFA Champions League. It’s possible we can catch the 3rd put from Arsenal…
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    Any Spurs fan that wants us to stay in Tottenham and not move to the Olympic Stadium like a load of gypsies like Arsenal would do, please send me a message or reply to my comment. That way I can send you a private message giving you a link to a petition against it. Its the big peittion and not some small individual one so its guaranteed to help.

    So comment back to me or send me a message. Hope you’ll join me in keeping our club where it belongs.

  2. SpursProduction

    @Janniefanlarlypop6 Hehe, your welcome. I’ll be looking forward to your vids. I don’t think it will be bad. If you want to get rid of the “SkySports” logo in the corner, just zoom a bit away from it and it will be good 🙂

  3. Janniefanlarlypop6

    @SpursProduction hey, i’ve been able to get hold of some clips, and plan to get more. thank u very much for ur help. i now plan to make a really good (well hopefully really good) video about spurs. wont be as gd as urs tho. THANK U!!!! 😀 xx

  4. SpursProduction

    @Janniefanlarlypop6 Hey mate. I’m using many sites but you can try this one:
    motd2u . blogspot . com/
    If it is anything you want to know it is just to ask me 🙂

  5. Janniefanlarlypop6

    amazin vid! champions league COYS!!!!! quick question. where do u get the clips from? cos im trying to make a vid, but im struggling to find any good clips, if u could help that would be great 🙂 xx

  6. SpursProduction

    @ChannelSurfingSubber You mean the Tottenham logo that is moving around ? It’s a picture that is in 3D. Just search for the thing you want. If you want a Man Utd logo just search on google : Manchester United logo GIF. Remember the gif. Those GIF pictures is often in 3D 🙂

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