Tottenham Hotspur Compilation – 2009/10 Season

Spurs compilation covering both seasons 2008/09 and 2009/ten. tottenham spurs thfc hotspur football soccer premier league defoe keane king bale lennon modric gomes palacios dawson messi globe cup ronaldinho ronaldo football soccer premier league premiership la liga barcelona true madrid ac milan inter milan mourinho capello rooney ferdinand arsenal gunners liverpool crow chelsea Tottenham Hotspur THFC Spurs Premier League EPL Premiership England English London Champions 4th White Hart Lane football soccer montage
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25 Comments to “Tottenham Hotspur Compilation – 2009/10 Season”

  1. Pipweed

    tottenham are fucking shit they should make the most of this season in the champions league cos it will be their last fucking wankers.

  2. NoMoreForJenny28

    @whitehawk38 LMAO ur blaming ur 2nd spot finish in champions league to squad rotation!? that is the lamest excuse ive ever heard in my life! u were just simply not good enough! and i would say it would be brillant if we somehow faced each other in champions league and wipe the floor with you! but will never happen coz lets face it youve got barca next round and u will get destroyed like last season! am i happy with 4th place last season? Yes! are u happy with not winning any cups in 6 years? 😛

  3. whitehawk38

    @NoMoreForJenny28 lol our club is small? we got a bigger stadium and bigger fan base. 2nd you beat inter that was being managed by rafeal benitez who ruined inter. 3rd we finished second because of squad rotation. How happy were you when tottenham finished 4th, Arsenal fans were disappointed with a 3rd place finish. better get your facts right about your shitty little club.

  4. NoMoreForJenny28

    @whitehawk38 oh and 1 more thing u cant hear me from the champions league spot? ermmmm are u dumb or just well dumb!? arsenal finished 2nd in the group table! and u had the easiest fucking group out of everyone. Tottenham had INTER current champions and were did we finish??? FIRST. so if ur going to TRY an banter with me u better get ur facts right about ur shitty little club.

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