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    The fact Chelsea, Arsenal and West Ham were the facists whilst we had the most multicultural fan base going which is why all those scummers hated us so much… oh and in the 80’s + 70’s we had a load of Hitler supporting idiots like you who we managed to drive out of the lane.



    Mate, though that bloke was being a prick you shouldn’t reply with racism, especially being a Spurs fan. We’re a multicultural club with support from Jewish background, white European background, Mediteranian background, African Carribean and Asian. We’re not racists dickheads like Chelsea, the reason why they hate us is because we’re multicultural. Let them do all the racism, you don’t want to be in the same bracket as one of those wankers.

  3. 321yidarmy

    The Magpie Geordie – Daniel Levy puts no cash into Spurs, he is the chairman. Joe Lewis is the man with the mega bucks. Just because your manager is a fat pie eating buffoon dont mean your relegation strugglers are anything like our club.

  4. framellu

    @TheMagpieGeordie you aint gotta clue what your on about, do ya research before u start shouting about Tottenhams money and were it comes from….fucking muppet



    My god, you are a typical Geordie thick as!

    That UEFA rule does NOT apply to us. If you think it does you have no idea about how it woks (which is VERY likely).

    Search up Spurs profit. You can see that over the last few years we have made record profit. We don’t have Levy pumping money in, that is why we haven’t spent any money yet and have had to wait to get in CL so well done for proving yourself wrong thickie.

  6. jonnyy999

    @TheMagpieGeordie The reason behind no transfer, like the rest of the league ex city, is in 2 years time new UEFA rules means clubs will have to be paying players within their budget, no longer the inflated wages. Hence clubs are looking to sell but players won’t take a paycut, when they can stay where they are on a guaranteed wage

  7. jonnyy999

    @TheMagpieGeordie , we are a listed company so you can’t just pump it in as you put it. We are one of the few clubs with little debt, assets and are very much solvent, admittedly this is to change when we build the new stadium.

  8. TheMagpieGeordie


    HAHAHA .. Your Club does not make that money, daniel levy pumps it all in. If your so well ran how come you’ve bought no one this summer?. I also know your talking out of your backside about being a well ran club because the only premier league club to make profit is Blackpool .. Everyone else has lost money over the past year .. Ran well club my arse!!



    Next time you get in a new manager you’ll see these Newcastle fans I’m on about.

    Yes we were the 2nd biggest spenders behind City but if your going by that simple logic you have just made yourself look daft. City are spending all this money because there owner is pumping it in. We spend that kind of money because our club makes that kind of money. Its not some bloke pumping it in, its because our club is well run.

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