Tottenham Hotspur 3-1 Inter Milan

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  1. XxdolldollxX

    omd everytime i see bale im a man u afn buh still bale he egts better n bettter him n van der vaart r lethal combination n he needs to be english

  2. MarsellsGamePlays

    @TottenhamProductions why ?! do you think you can make money on tube by posting football clips and sport reports from sky lol you need to make you’r own videos to do that ) take care

  3. TheCandog

    @SekoanHD I am talking about the world cup and the european cup, I think that we could win something only if we unite.

  4. SekoanHD

    @TheCandog we are in the 2012 olypmpics. except wales, scotland and N.Ireland are being little bitches about it. They think if they help make a British team then Fifa won’t recognise them as individual countries which is just bullshit

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