25 Comments to “Tottenham Hotspur – 2010 – A Year To Remember”

  1. 01vi41

    1 win in 17 years does not automatically make Tottenham better than Arsenal. Let’s just take a look at the table, oh look Arsenal are top, and oh what a surprise the spurs drew again and are currently 5th. You see in spurs fans eyes it means everything to get a win at Arsenal, they’ve been trying hard for years and finally managed it, well done. But unlike spuds, Arsenal have higher standards and want to concentrate on winning the league, you see beating spuds doesn’t mean a thing anymore to us

  2. AlexTheUniversal


    This guys can suck off Fabregas’ cock. You weren’t even close to win any silverware. Who the fuck is always counted as a pretender to be a champion? AFC or yiddos? It’s Arsenal. We’re still above you even if we loose match and may not win anything in the season.

  3. Slovpeisn

    What do Spurs need that fool Fibreglass for. We got Luka and Rafa! And unlike you, I’m not gay! 🙂
    I guess the you guys really blew your chances of getting any silvervware now! LOL! Good match Bolton! 😀

  4. nav19891989

    Slim chance tottenham will make it for the next champions league..1 season wonder.. you guys have to beat chelsea and liverpool AND manchester city to make it..isit possible..maybe..do i hope it happens ofcourse..tottenham have been fantastic in the champions league but i think they fizzled out against madrid..do i personally think theyll make it..nope.. next season theyll make it.. possibly sell their keeper hes a bumbling idiot..

  5. AlexTheUniversal


    I guess if you had Fabregas then you would suck off his cock till he’s happy. Go on if you want, I don’t especially care about you dirtbag, spuds.

  6. Slovpeisn

    At least we win trophies! Latest in 2008 though 😉
    I guess Fibreglass is getting pretty annoyed of not winning!
    6 years and still counting! 😉

  7. Slovpeisn


    Still, the mighty Spurs ruined your title hopes this season, AGAIN!. Hahahaha. Poor plastic! 🙂

  8. AlexTheUniversal


    And it still wasn’t your victory yesterday. We had the silverware for 13 times, you had it just for 2, better don’t say shit about trophies cuz you haven’t been a champion since 61′. HAHA FAG.

  9. Slovpeisn

    What is it to envy?
    3-1 today and you fucked it up!
    No silverware for the plastics this year either!


  10. AlexTheUniversal


    This is just a jealousy from a little whiny yid who’s envy, cuz WE’VE got fans abroad and actually YOU don’t, haha. Retard.

  11. OriginalYTName


    You don’t just pick a random overseas club you prick, that’s what makes you a PLASTIC FAN!

    2004!! Wow, not even 7 years! Life-long fan!

    Stupid Polish!!


  12. AlexTheUniversal


    Hah, how can there be a reason to support a club? IT’S JUST A SPORT. I support them since 2004, so shut the fuck up. Fuck Yids.

  13. OriginalYTName


    No you don’t, half of your fans are plastic support like you too.

    Random kid sitting in Poland that supports Arsenal for no reason, PLASTIC FAN!!

  14. OriginalYTName


    Actually I don’t live in London anymore, I love in the South East near Dover and I still know more Spurs fans down here than I do Arsenal supporters.

    Most Arsenal fans are just plastic fans anyway who started tagging along when they actually won things, unlike now.

  15. AlexTheUniversal


    You know loads of Spud supporters, because you live in London and prolly in a district, where Tottenham dominates. I’m living abroad, that’s the difference.

  16. OriginalYTName


    I don’t care who you know and who they support. I know loads of Tottenham fans and I know barely any Arsenal fans? I wonder why?? Becuase they support the same team I do! You are just pulling facts out of your ass mate, it’s a well known fact BOTH Arsenal and Tottenham are the most supported clubs internationally in the EPL other than Liverpool and United.

    I’ll leave this arguing until after the game tomorrow.

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