25 Comments to “Tottenham Hotspur 2009-10”

  1. SunyiMad

    This is an amazing video of an amazing season. When it’s over, will you make one for the 2010-11 season, too? I’d love it 🙂

  2. HarryMajin

    To be honest, Crouch is just a taller, worse version of Pavlyuchenko. So much of their success is down to Redknapp, can’t wait for him to manage England.

  3. AlexTheUniversal


    I ain’t even from England, but here in Poland no one is supporting dirtbags from Tottenham.


  4. MrNaughtyRohan

    Tottenham are a fantastic side, always play brilliant attacking football one of my favourite teams in the prem….
    P.S Aston Villa fan 🙂


    Any Spurs fan that wants us to stay in Tottenham and not move to the Olympic Stadium like a load of gypsies like Arsenal would do, please send me a message or reply to my comment. That way I can send you a private message giving you a link to a petition against it. Its the big peittion and not some small individual one so its guaranteed to help.

    So comment back to me or send me a message. Hope you’ll join me in keeping our club where it belongs.

  6. YouTubbyComma

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