25 Comments to “Tottenham fans at Finsbury Park station after a win”

  1. cook119

    @LASpurs Don’t pretend to know what your talking about. People who support a team from Tottenham should not be accusing other peoples gaffs of being shit holes.

  2. richesforcheap

    best game ive ever been to, loved how all the arsenal fans(if you can call them that) shut right up after our 2nd goal. SHIT GROUND. CRAP FANS.

  3. nathanandrewread13

    fuckin moody gooner scum, fuck off to woolwich, nortn london is ours, you fuckin poncy cunts, I laugh at the fact that you are lot are proper sore losers and even yours fans aren’t english

  4. azzatheyid

    fuck off back to south london you mugs!!! mot useless fans and firm in london goes to arsenal and everyone knows it haha wankers

  5. weallhatehullfc

    u shit arsenal twats yeah white hart lane holds 36,000 and no other club in london likes us now ask a spurs fan who cares we still beat u and just remind me whos actually won a european trophy and 8 fa cups .

  6. NamelessNut

    Your poxy dump of a ground barely holds 36,000 – you have not won the league for 50 years (we have won it 6 times since then) – you lot are full of hot air – you have got fewer fans than us – you are detested by every other club in London – you have never even been to a Champions League Final – go ***** yourselves

  7. Danibanez600

    ha ha the gooners!! if the police were not there the spurs fans would of kicked shit out of your lot, arsenal fans are complete pussies this is coming from a chelsea fan.

  8. OB1hmm

    hehe…1500 half of spurs allocation yid army! yomp to finsbury park …arsenal hard boys all mouth in their pants faces like bottoms ((burp!)) beware ICC dudes posse outlaws…

  9. TheShelfsideyid

    y do gooners always give it the big one when they can hide behind ob but always run when they come face to face with the yids

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