25 Comments to “tottenham carling cup winners 2008”

  1. acyzjpb

    @sxc1alex yes we miss dimi a lot, none of our current strikers can hold up the ball, nor do they look as cool, with the exception of eider gudjohnson

  2. FlaChelsea17

    I Remember when he was sent off against arsenal, playing for Newcastle 2005-06 Season, i think it has evoked a rage in Jermaine, and now when he got opportunity, he scores against Arsenal

  3. conraddavy

    Malbranque, he was amazing, such a shame to see him go.
    I was at the Blackpool game, the Ar5ena1 game and the final, will never forget it.

  4. TheSupremeK

    same, that night just seemed like a dream, being 6th row down and about a few feet away from the arsenal supporters, best moment of my night

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