Tottenham – Best team in Prem

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  1. Deekstercph

    Take it easy, mate. I’m just being an arsehole (ass), seeing as I am a Gooner. Just takin’ the piss.

  2. Slovpeisn

    You obviously have no clue. This vid is probably made by a Spurs-fan, and we as Spurs-supporters like to think we are the best of the bunch (why not, when other teams does as well).

    Mancini doesn’t know sh*t! He and Shitty is a fucking disgrace to English league football. Yeah, Bale has a mayor impact on our offensive football, but van der Vaart is also heavily influenced as well as our croatian magician Modric and our greased lightning Lennon.

  3. Deekstercph

    Why do people have headlines like this when Spurs clearly are not the best team in the prem?
    I mean, Spurs is a top team, but why do people feel the need to post these sort of headlines?
    As Mancini said, Bale is 50% of Spurs’ strike force. Look how Rafael and Steinsson dealt with him.

  4. ScUDeRiA197

    @NoMoreForJenny28 mate u were down 4-0 and inter are 7th in serie a this season. so what if they were great last season, you played the equivalent of bolton wanderers in italy. calm down

  5. uavetheface

    the Yids are dog shit that wanker Bale will be at Man Utd are Chelski soon hahahahahaha then yr fucking cry Yids wankers ahahahahaha ahahahahaha

  6. reganpiperspurs17

    @NoMoreForJenny28 no choice for every spurs supporter what name they want on the back off their shirt bale!!!!!!!

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