The Real Football Factories Episode 1 (London)

Episode one of The Real Football Factories seems to be at the London’s firms of Millwall,Chelsea,West Ham & Spurs
Video clip Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. fluffymole0913

    @Spongey45 I’m from Bexley and there are plenty of Cockney accents here mate… Danny Dyer IS a cockney. If you are working class from London, then you are a Cockney.

  2. bugstrut

    @Spongey45 Why does everyone say Dyer is pretending to be a Cockney? He is a fucking Cockney!! His Nan went out with “Mad” Frankie Frasier, for fuck’s sake!!

  3. 69ulrika

    Is it possible to find bigger arsholes than those depicted here? The saddest, most pathetic, most embarrassing tossers in this country.

  4. RajMan1x2

    GROBARI (PARTIZAN) are the best, and are therefore the main picture of the documentary, while Serbs and Croats are the strongest because we were opposed to war and not just the stadium.

  5. santireggae25sp

    hey you say hooligans are the most dangerous but u cant compare with los barras bravas from argentina as “la 12″…
    if you dont believe watch the episode in argentina…

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