tehTrunk Tottenham’s Top ITK – Episode Three: The Derby

Transfer around Merseyside, mong off Manchester, this is the big 1 – The North London Derby. We join the action as Spurs come across themselves one- down at the Emirates and the players do not appear as well bothered. Luckily ‘arry is hatching a plot with an ‘associate’ of his… Like the movies, then test out the Cocks to the West blog and forum right here: Further voices by Daniel Webb

25 Comments to “tehTrunk Tottenham’s Top ITK – Episode Three: The Derby”

  1. fabregasfan1

    Coming from a gooner, i could not stop laughing……

    Ledley King in a wheelchair LMAO and Ade taking the piss out of Bendtner

  2. SpursBlog

    Yikes, not trying to start an argument…. but Aaron Lennon is revered at White Hart Lane… absolutely adored, and 2 points in November to missing out on europe by a breadth, would that not change your mindset?

  3. bootlegbuddha

    Really, really funny. I especially loved the typical spurs fan changing his mind about spurs’ season and lennon cos of one goal. Absolutely spot on.

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