tehTrunk Tottenham’s Top ITK – Episode Nine: Newcastlol The Redknapp Rap Ringtone for just 50p. DO IT It’s FA Cup time for Spurs as they draw the as soon as mighty Newcastle out of the hat

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  1. toontoonbarmy

    ur a bristolian end of…im aseason ticket holder still and have always supported my local team…theres no pork at the lane

  2. UpTheExProductions

    @toontoonbarmy none of these comebacks make sense your boring son all the old unfunny jew jokes coming out as if all of are fans are even jewish, and i lived in enfield for 14 years and have been season ticket holder for 12 years where i have seen my team turn from an average middle table team, to top four contenders unfortunately for you newcastle are doing the opposite.

  3. toontoonbarmy

    @UpTheExProductions shit commeback those vids are old from when i used to play gb and uploaded proof ect…we art talking about that are we? were talking about nufc/thfc…u dont support ur local team, so shows how much u no/like football….theres no bacon at white hart lane remeber that jew spud….

  4. UpTheExProductions

    @toontoonbarmy coming from you, you haven’t even responded son you came on this video giving it all that talking about spurs when your just a little mug who records him self playing on his xbox grow up and you might wanna get down the lane soon see some real football coys

  5. toontoonbarmy

    @UpTheExProductions gl trying to come back with a comment to that cos uve just been shitted on spud so if i was u i would give it rest cos ur boring shit comebacks r terrible and not even close to being true or a fact so good night and take a bow son

  6. toontoonbarmy

    @UpTheExProductions wtf u are retarded…ur from bristol and u dont even support ur local team…just shows how much u care for football when u support a club thats like 150miles away from ur home…wot happens if spurs drop below bristol in the leagues in the future will u support another team?…ur pathetic, trying to win an arguement against me when all ur come backs r shit….theres no bacon at white hart lane….we’ll be running around the tottenham with our willys hanging out…jew spud

  7. UpTheExProductions

    @toontoonbarmy no, i said you have no footballing knowledge not the whole north east.. and ive only missed two home games this season went to Millan went to Germany for Werder Bremen game so nope not been once when i was 6 good luck this season trying to stay up as we try again for champions league

  8. toontoonbarmy

    @UpTheExProductions no football knowledge…dont make me laugh kid….i live,sleep,breath football…im from the northeast…we are known for being a footballing city…u must be retarded to think people from newcastle know nothing about football…u support tottenham y cos u probly sow them play once when u were like 6…jew

  9. RocknRollRules3

    @UpTheExProductions very ironic. “judging on your grammar”. “your a young boy” is “you’re a young boy”

  10. UpTheExProductions

    @toontoonbarmy you make no sense you are a little kid with no footballing knowledge what so ever go make so more ‘cod’ videos you silly little mug. YIDS

  11. toontoonbarmy

    @UpTheExProductions kid i spelt nowt wrong like…u got lucky at out place scored in last 2mins so idc we shoulda killed the game off when we were 1-0 up but we didnt….at the end of the day weve beaten u more times overall and we have qualified for europe more times came runners up 2 times 3rd 2 times and 4th….so end of tbh…we always finish above our rivals in the prem look at u wen was the last time u finished up ur derby rival lmao never.

  12. UpTheExProductions

    @toontoonbarmy calling me a kid you can hardly spell you mug! and its easy to say your a season ticket holder guaranteed your an armchair mug! Modric ran the game from start to finish at the lane and we should have robbed you lot the other week we got 4 points out of you this year where as you got 1. COYS

  13. toontoonbarmy

    @UpTheExProductions u 4 real kid im a season ticket holder in the leazes end u spud….and travel to over 50%of away games…because is had to get hold of away tickets as they sell out fast…look at u judging me grammar since u have know proper come back to my comment cos im right and u know it….hwtl…nufc lyf

  14. UpTheExProductions

    @toontoonbarmy yeah i bet judging from your grammar it seems as if your a young boy who’s probably seen Newcastle once in a friendly you ever been to st James park?

  15. toontoonbarmy

    @UpTheExProductions ha well since we have qualified for the champions league 4 times in past 15 years compared to ur 1 time i think u should check ya facts out….uve never came close to winning the title were we have almost won it 3 times…2 times runners up and finished a close 3rd….we r a bigger club always have been always will be…better and more loyal support…jewish spud

  16. toontoonbarmy

    @UpTheExProductions no u retard we beat u 7-1 in the past we’ve also beat your more times overall and are a bigger and better club

  17. YidVids1

    Cant believe how much grief you have got from geordies for this video! Top class fella, hurry up and make another one!

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