15 Comments to “Sir Alex Ferguson Post Match Interview – Manchester United 2-3 Tottenham Hotspur 29/9/12”

  1. TOPiViAN

    Well Considering the money you have spent compared to the rest of the premier leauge, and are still spending even though your are MILLIONS in debt, yeah well done! dnt get me wrong man u are a brilliant club that play great football, but cocks like u need to realise not everyone has spending power like u

  2. Khasoreri Mutua

    Well the defence was ripped apart by Spurs pace that’s for sure,but as a United fan watching how lethal The Rooney,Persie and Kagawa combination is,am full of confidence we can beat any team this season. No sweat,we gonna get em!!!

  3. 1210GR

    They need to get rid a carrick he is crap and giggs is past it this is a season to far for him if SAF cant see that he needs to go aswell.

  4. Will Bowen

    We need Strootman and a defender, Rio is past it and I can’t see Vidic getting back to his best especially at his age with all these injuries.

  5. fearfatch

    Clueless. Do you even watch United?
    Shteh are solid? They just got kicked out of the League Cup by Aston Villa 2-4, and United are currently ahead of Shteh in the PL on GD, so you’re completely wrong. And there isn’t a club called “Man U”.

  6. fearfatch

    You’re obviously giving an objective opinion.
    Someone sounds butt-hurt about 2-1, always the victim, it’s never your fault.

  7. yoyomama95

    we lost the game, but we won it in our eyes. best performance by man u soo far. (obviously talking about the 2nd half)

  8. mebdoc

    United were simply hopeless in the first half. They need to get rid of Nani, Evra, Rio, Evans, Giigs and Carrick. Scholes will not be able to play much longer. They need a powerful holding midfield player badly too. Otherwise they don’t have a chance to win a single trophy anymore- can’t see that happening. You just cannot compare them to Man City who proved again yesterday thatthey are a solid well-knit team in every respect. SAF also needs to retire and a young manager is needed by Man U.

  9. Liverpool FC

    Prick had the gall of complaining that he only got 4mins ET. Corrupt fool.

    Does he really think that only if he gets awarded 2 or 3 penalties that the ref has a good game?

  10. Uginho1509

    Yeah you’re right @FormulaWill. It took 23 years anyway to win at OT. Enjoy! May as well congratulate you and say “see you in another 23;)”

  11. SuperJacDan2

    Spurs were great 1st half but OMG the pace, the excitement and all that came with it in 2nd half from MU was fantastic – how we didn’t score 5 more goals is beyond me. well done to both teams on this occasion but obs would have liked the win.

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