25 Comments to “Roman Pavlyuchenko Compilation | SuperPav | Tottenham Hotspur”

  1. fallits

    Supercalafragilistic Roman Pavlyuchenko

    He’s not as good as Gazza but he’s better than Schevchenko

    He likes a shot of vodka in the morning in his Kenco

    Supercalafragilistic Roman Pavlyuchenko :D

  2. Vitaldeath242

    Pav could be a great striker if he had been more consistent, he can threaten any defense on his day, but sometimes you dont even see him in games.

  3. ThePatriczi

    Pierdole nie chcę mi się inglisha włączać 😉 Słyszałem że Adebayor nie zostanie wykupiony Romana nie ma nosz kurwa mac nie mamy napastników no jest Defoe ale nie ma następców :/ Panie trzeba szykować kasę idziemy na zakupy 😀 Szkoda mi Romki chciałby7m go jeszcze u nas zobaczyć 😉

  4. gforce1710

    Never got a chance when Crouch was there, don’t know why.

    On his day the best in the world. Miss you Super Pav, would have you back in a heartbeat, thanks for the great great times. Fucking hero! YOU LOVE THE VODKA SON!

  5. secretspurs

    LOL at some of the Russian guys effin & blindin’ at ‘Arry. Pav scored some wonder goals for Spurs, no doubt, but his troubles in England were all down to himself. I know Pav has said in the Russian press that the reports of him training not hard enough were bogus, but we all saw with our own eyes his lack of effort on the pitch. He infuriated every Spurs fan, so it must’ve been threefold for ‘Arry! There’s more to football than just scoring! Still, Pav will be fondly remembered at the Lane

  6. alexproud1488

    Fuck you, old idiot rednapp! Roman, its a pity, that you didnt come back in Spartak. I wish you good luck in your new club, but dont forget REDWHITE!

  7. govno7

    FUCK YOU REDNAPP! ITS YOUR FAULT. He played 113 matches for hotspur and scored 43 goals. This is a very good statistic because the most of these 113 matches he played not from the beginning! I dont understand Rednapp he buys pav for 18 mills euro, pav plays good shoot a goal most in every match he plays but it is not enough for Rednapp! … Pav will dominate RPL and Rednapp will cry.

  8. zinnyzan

    Goodbye Super-Pav,
    Though I never knew you at all,
    ‘Arry told you to “just farking run about”
    And You tucked away the ball
    Sometimes you hit the woodwork
    Sometimes not even White Hart Lane
    Probably never used the treadmill
    And we could never pronounce your name

  9. Vitalie Rusanovschi

    Жаль что Павлюченко возвращается в Россию. Это очень хороший форвард и место ему в хорошем чемпионате.

  10. Babatunde98

    Despite his laziness and poor first touch, Super Pav has been great for us and scored some big goals. Good Luck in Moscow!!!


    bye pav, you may not have been the greatest the lane has ever seen, but something about you made us love you, you will be missed. thanks for the memories super pav

  12. govno7

    haha good joke such talents like gio dos santos dont get their play time come on he is a dumbass he buys older players and give the younger players no chance. Look at Arsen Wenger this is a trainier who you can compare with morinho but not rednapp. rednapp drinks too much

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