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25 Comments to “Playthrough Part 1: England v USA ft. Wayne Rooney & Landon Donovan (FIFA World Cup 2010) Sports”

  1. chris55000

    @DannyBoy777777 Well, as you may have forgotten I am American and I don’t actually care about soccer. I’d rather watch golf, and that is pretty boring. Joke’s on you. :p

  2. DJKillzz

    Lol “i’ve had 2 good chances” still better than England mate XD! (From England. Wish i wasnt when it comes to football tbh :/)

  3. alsoknownasallenkeys

    @darefresh12 he played 6 games for villarreal before being loaned to Xerez where he didn’t play at all, then to Hull City for the 2009-10 season (a team relegated from the premier league the same season) where he scored ONE goal in i think 28 appearences. I think that explains why he hasn’t heard of him.

  4. darefresh12

    @MrMaxisdaname jozy altidore plays for villareal =) and usa only got knocked out by ghana because shitty ref. calls and how does it feel geting beat badly and knockout by germany 4-1 lol joke

  5. MrMaxisdaname

    @shidna7 uhm he duznt kno him coz he plays for the shittest team in england and how bout u gettin knocked out by ghana?

  6. MacFroob08

    @jen0said0 We get to have revenge on the Germans, Argentina’s, and Portgual (if they beat Spain) So ill rather we did come second and we did.

  7. jen0said0

    I know what you mean, since they won the group by luck, they think they’re better football players than us! what the actual fuck!

  8. MacFroob08

    @shidna7 Yeah, even though we got same points, same goal difference, nothing to brag about is it. We wanted to play the germans, so we’re happy.

  9. jackh558

    look i am from england and i admit we played shit and let a crap goal in due to robert green but cmon england u lost to a country that carry a ball around in there hands and they call it football

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