Paul Gascoigne-Gazza- Best in the World

Paul Gascoigne-Video clip film of England’s best player of that era and in my impression ever before. He played with wonderful ability, flair, passion and as this shows could create points out of absolutely nothing. A correct legend and genuine football followers appreciate how great he was. Footage from his time at Newcastle United, Spurs, England, Lazio and Glasgow Rangers

12 Comments to “Paul Gascoigne-Gazza- Best in the World”

  1. manozobe

    The best Gazza comp there has ever been. Loved watching it, watched it several times already.

    Hopefully no Arsenal and Celtic fans come on here making nasty comments.

  2. HarvsPenzance

    I’m an ardent Spurs fan and this brings back memories of how brilliant Gazza was. It’s so good to see him doing what he did best, and to see him so HAPPY!

  3. spursod

    Great compilation. One that I had to look at all through. have followed the invitation to pass on. Keep well, Gazza!

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