MatchDay 360 – Thierry Henry

Adhere to Thierry Henry’s 1st actually match with the New York Red Bulls, as he and his new teammates take on Tottenham Hotspur.
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  1. kidcaptian

    When he and the RedBulls were returning from the game @ Chicago he was on the same flight as we were. Suprised he din’t get First Class eats though.

  2. MashCruMusic

    @sdkintheusofa yes, it’s legal we are the supporters groups for RBNY. GSS/ESC, true supporters we have agreements with the club. Flares aren’t allowed in Red Bull Arena, but the rule was violated during the opening match against Chicago by their supporters.

  3. MrDeano324

    I see the King of Arsenal hasn’t lost his touch. What I would give to see him lead Arsenal out just one more time. Trully the worlds best. A gunner for life.

  4. zavidladygetter497

    @Mexicool97 Russia conssistanly have strongest teams in Europe! CSKA Moscow better than any team beside Chelsea and Ac Milano maybe or Barcelona, Honda great player and he not Russian even! I guess i unfair, MLS team not bad I happy to Kansas City defeat Manchester United they truly bad team! one of the worst! Also New York City play good against they little brother =P They terrible to!

  5. GSScasual

    @zavidladygetter497 you sound like borat… Plus Major league soccer has more money than the russian league. we will buy success and skill.. Russia cant

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