23 Comments to “Luka Modric 08/09”

  1. under10ko

    at 3:05 he knew that the ball is coming back and fell down so he can score a goal using his head ! ^^ Good Job for making the compilation, congratulations to Modric for what he did till now

  2. Stelvis123

    he would have been even better this season had lee bowyer not broke his leg after 4 games into the season as we was unplayable in the 1st 3 games but towards th end of the season he was looking immense yet again. roll on 2010/2011 season and hopefully we will see another masterclass from the little croatian magician.

  3. MindlessDreamClown

    Tottenham are coming to New York in the summer I’m gonna bus down from Toronto, Canada to see them and chant “come on you spurs”- once in a lifetime opportunity for us over here!!!

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