Harry Redknapp

Harry Redknapp loves Croatians and says it himself July 17th in San Jose. Is Pletikosa shifting to London?
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  1. theMAXILOPEZpsycho

    In the book “Why England lose” there’s an interesting statistic that Croatia produces the most top footballers per person of any country in the world. I hope we have plenty of scouts there!

  2. monsterwins

    i really like this interview! i think the best football interview i’ve watched on youtube! i’m a spurs fan and that’s why i love harry redknapp too, well i think most spurs fans do too lol, he brought us to champions league football! hope to beat young boys at WHL!!! COYS!!!

  3. hendrixsb4444

    kad bilić ode s mjesta izbornika , Ja vam kazem kad mu poslali ponudu da bude Hrvatski izbornik da bi Harry pristao!
    kakav kralj!

  4. AdventurerKiwi

    harry is certainly a diamond.
    What a great England manager he would make (thank goodness he is staying at spurs for now though)

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