Harry Redknapp talks about the Real Madrid vs Tottenham Draw

The Manager of Real’s Madrid’s subsequent Champions League opponents has been chatting about the draw for the quarter finals. This season, Harry Redknapp’s Tottenham Hotspur are playing in European football’s leading levels of competition for the first time:
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20 Comments to “Harry Redknapp talks about the Real Madrid vs Tottenham Draw”

  1. liberiason

    If we win the the 10th champions league, we will get to keep the cup in our stadium santiago bernabeu and laugh in barca face.

  2. d4desert

    Spurs has a fantastic season yet in the Champions League, but the next oppenent is too strong for them. So Hala Madrid, of course! 🙂 …Jose knows…

  3. impallious

    haha, we should respect spurs too. its not everyday u get another team which doesnt say we will win, we will give it to em, we’ll own. but one with respect and honour=D have fun hotspurs, but still real madrid ftw. hala madrid!=D

  4. SusuRM

    I really really hope Real Madrid WIN this match! Really tough but hopefully the team will perform well and with God’s grace Real Madrid will be WINNERS! Hala Madrid! 😀

  5. PoKerFaceN1

    Great manager , great man , we got all respect for spurs , it wil be a great game and we will win it ! HalaAMdrid

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