24 Comments to ““Get Behind The Team!” | Manchester United 1-2 Tottenham Hotspur | FanCam”

  1. FullTimeDEVILS

    Loyal fan Adam says the fans need to put the effort in too, claiming that a
    strange atmosphere at the game today didn’t help the team. Let us know your
    thoughts below.

  2. lgd661

    I agree after all the years of success it seems lately the so called United
    fans really only do sing when we are winning, yes we should be up there but
    as when Fergie arrived it takes time nobody believed he was the man for the
    job back then how different a tune they were singing a few years later,
    it’s going to be a rough few years for us during this transition and the
    sooner people wake up to the reality the better, and to be honest we were
    lucky last year we wasn’t great but we caught the league napping and got
    away with it, but win lose or draw I back the boys 100% after all the years
    of being the top dog how can fans be so fickle towards the team

  3. Salwa Mohsen

    um um um um… i i i erm erm… u see usee see… im SAD man u kept
    losing.. deteriorating love here!!!!! pls buck up now! plS!!!

  4. RezigreneYT

    If Moyes brings RVP back before he is 120% fit i will fly to england and
    destroy him. I want RVP back A.S.A.P. but if he is brought back before he
    is fitter than normal and hungry for the game like he was when he first
    joined i dont want him back until he gets to that stage were he isn’t
    afraid to shoot or take on a player when his confidence is Higher than the
    moon. Just look at Danny Welbeck 5 in 6 now i think confidence is bigger
    than you might think in football.

  5. a6a5

    sounds crazy but jose mou said that mata is free to leave chelsea. I feel
    like mata wouldn’t mind joining a possible contender for the title/top 4

  6. GhentyBoii

    Haha people saying to buy mata. If moyes wouldn’t let rooney join chelsea
    then their’s no way mourinho will let mata join united.

  7. lewis sullivan

    he is the best guy you have had on fulltimes devils, make him part of the
    team he explains it all, we need a replacement for januzaj aswell, we cant
    rely on a 18 year old to bring football home to old trafford, anyone who is
    older and more experienced
    then him from the champions league will help 

  8. melvyn goodinson

    Evening fellow devils. I am an ex-stretford ender, sadly money and moving
    for work has got in the way and frankly glad, lets not beat around the bush
    we have been rubbish at home and they lack something in the mid-field a
    attacking player if you like. Carrick is good yes and clevo is good too but
    both holding midfielders we need someone to attack through the centre of
    the park as well as the right and left channels. It sickens me that we are
    this bad i mean we are after all fergie or no fergie we are a top 4 team at
    least, so i don’t think Moyes is the issue its back room and there is more
    than what we the fans are seeing. We lack the bigger picture! Lets face it
    we miss RVP and we need someone to feed him and we do NOT have that, a
    player like İlkay Gündoğan (for example) is the key and a bloody good left
    back because Evra has been shocking in last 6 fixtures!!!!!

    WE the fans need to take back Old Trafford, control the Team. My dad told
    me in the Sixties the Fans owned Utd lets take it back, let demand changes,
    lets demand improvements. (look at Arsenal last season, they got boo’d. He
    buys Ozil and now they are top). WE ARE THE KEY. LOVE UTD, BELIVE IN
    UTD…. Remember it s Religion not a team!!! WE’LL NEVER DIE 

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