gattuso grabs joe jordan by the throat

lol, this is another gatusso fight with joe jordan, plz rate and appreciate
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  1. Clarkyboyz678

    @futbolfan5000 actually as a matter of fact Tottenham won a match not soo long ago… and the carling cup in 2007 so you can go suck Gattuso’s penis

  2. Clarkyboyz678

    COYS! Tottenham destroyed AC Milan and also Joe Jordan isn’t English he is Scottish. Joe Jordan shouldve beat some sense into that ugly bearded bastard

  3. fingo92

    @jnh2k8 italians fucks english womans every summer…we love english pussy….
    italy 4 time champions of the world

    understand biiiiitchhhh???

  4. luffyiscool

    lol @ the idiots being top rated comments.
    i can only hope for your sake that you are trolling.

    Gattuso was acting like a wild beast on that night and was the total opposite of a professional. deal with it.

  5. jnh2k8

    @90superstriker Your sucking up to alittle Italian man. Hahahah you Italians make me laugh. You fucking retard, hed knock that twat ‘Gattuso’ th fuck out. The pussy. btw… what score did this match end???? Oh yes, thats right. You fucking lost. HA HA A HA A HA H A WANKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Shit cunts. The Preier league is too good for shit teams like AC Milan.

  6. FabDrummer91

    @andynorthcroy LEGEND???
    wtf has he accomplished? like all scots hes a useless peice of shit thats crowding the world
    Gattuso..1 world cup, 2 champions leagues, 2 italian leagues and several others
    Jordan???……1 serie B title 1 serie A title……some career

  7. FabDrummer91

    @jnh2k8 did you say Italians cant play football as good as the English???
    LMao You guys suck!
    Italy 4 world cups England 1…and still you guys won of a goal thet never went in. your shit! your english
    You guys suck soo bad that you have to hire a ITALIAN COACH. what happened with a english coach you guys couldnt qualify for 2004..
    Forza italia

  8. jnh2k8

    @90superstriker You dick head. Just because the Italians cant play as good as football as the English. Cunt. Go play your own game you twat. Football was invented by us. You have no idea! My fucking grandma could beat the shit out of a little Italian dick head like Gattuso. Pussy!!!

  9. dogshy61

    Gattuso should have punched Jordan’s light’s out and wiped the floor with that Jock asshole.He was a crap player and he is a worthless coach.Fuck him!!!!

  10. DannyTaylor92

    @90superstriker Oh yeah Gattuso really showed him a thing or two, he’s the assistant coach the the fuck do you want him to stand other than the touch line you fucking idiot. Joe Jordan would absolutely murder that sweaty little Italian talentless piece of shit player.

  11. 45holdenrex

    @xhamsterfan The Great John Graham Mellor’s (aka Joe Strummer, RIPunk) mother was Scottish,originally from the west Highlands, Joe ‘s father worked for the Foreign Service, ahd was posted to Turkey at the time of Joe’s birth.
    Joe”s not Turkish.

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