25 Comments to “Gareth Bale Tottenham 2010/2011 HD”

  1. FonixFreestylersTV

    I love this player ! It’s fantastic the video ! Can you make a video like this of Cristiano Ronaldo in Real Madrid 2010/11 HD?

  2. challinor95

    @LastBlueMist if its easy to stop Bale, then why did Maicon end looking like a school kid after Bale riped him apart?

  3. papiringo93

    if maicon could not keep up with him why would they put zanetti to gaurd him??
    sure wish he was in real madrid (he’s going to in the near future

  4. lolsuperman2009

    When Usain Bolt watches Bale on tv doing this he is like , the boy is cool as long he just stays with football 😀

  5. Trabinij

    @MrTetsuwan Don’t believe a word of it! Tottenham is a very good team, you cannot consider only one player. Bale was the best player for spurs, but “inter-bale” is a stupid thing to say. The team played much better in the second half, Tottenham consided only one chance and reduced the gap.

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