Gareth Bale & Shay Given – Sportsvibe TV

Sportsvibe took a stroll along the Thames to catch up with Premiership stars Gareth Bale and Shay Presented. See the guys speak about the Globe Cup, the new football time and discover out which one of them has met the Pope…
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  1. ChelseaWon3nil

    Another of the many examples of how shay given is the embodiment of class. Its a terrible shame he doesnt get the nod for first keeper at city. Shame on you city shame. Joe hart is a good keeper and person, but shay is on another level, has earned it, and think its simply disrespectful to keep a veteran player, highly profession, and in top form player on the bench for the sake of filling the “english quota” in the starting 11. He shud join bale at spurs, they might be title contenders.

  2. RockMusic4Ever1995

    They are both awesome!
    Gareth Bale=One of the best youngest players!
    Shay Given=One of the best Goalkeepers EVER!!!

    Hope Bale come to Barça!!

  3. 06bender04

    @freyalovemiley Hey! yeah amazing, was a good game…shame it was 0-0 but ehh, was still exciting!! He is so good xx

  4. freyalovemiley

    @06bender04 ahhh! you got tickets to the man city game!! I really wanted to but they were sold out! Gareth is my favourite player and the most skilled……he’s got the most potential in my opinion.

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