25 Comments to “Football Rivalries Arsenal vs. Tottenham Part 3.”

  1. Compaqkid008

    @n17spurs One more thing… By 2013 you’re going to be called Stratford Hotspurs no longer Tottenham Hotspurs…
    Well the fact is that Arsenal’s dominating ambition, lead Tottenham to be under Arsenal’s shadows… Yids became famous for being Arsena’s “neighbouring” rival… No-one knew Tottenham before we moved to North London, should give more respect to the Gunners… 13-2 League titles… We won more FA cups by the way… 10-8… Tough times ahead, Arsenal’s legacy continues…

  2. Compaqkid008

    ok how about Paul Charles Merson a Fucking Legend 85-97, wait, wait, Alan Martin Smith 87-95 and and and
    Tony Fucking Adams!!! The Legend? 83-02 “LOYALTY” What N17spurs? Evidence you wanted?
    See, when we were winning we were boring, now Wenger is here and we play sexy football, you say… what about the 5 years trophy drought… Tottenham fans… yeah you’ve got one on us in Europe but that will soon change… Um, you didn’t win anything during the 30s… um so I don’t think so…

  3. chazzeyboy

    Tottenham your shit. How many league and cup turtles has you won compared to arsenal. Have you gone with a season without losing. NO. Fair play for you beating us but we have beaten you a lot more times. Fucking Jews

  4. pturner7979as

    @wowiy lol after reading your brilliant english although you used the youths we scored 3 goals in 15 mins oh yeah and we were only using 1-2 good players.

  5. wowiy

    your such a mug if u wana talk about nowa day how about u talk about the last game we played…3-2 at ur ground. ur team so shit we giv ur lot a 2 goal lead jus to make it interesting and we still beat u. nd about 4-1 wen we played our youths, i applaud the fact u think samir nasri beating the young steven caulker is an achievement punk

  6. TheHordeOfTheLiams

    As a united fan i can safely say this, if that daniel wynne guy (too in glasses) supported united i’d kill meself, in fact i can’t believe that bale, king, dawson lennon and therest don’t just kill themselves rather than be supported by that twat

  7. viallimcbeal

    “Adams was the first one to have a go at officials.”
    Hahahahaha. What a load of shit. So no player ever had a go at the ref before him? His arguments are just mental.

  8. akbar911

    It saddens me to see that dude with glasses, such a mature adult (by looks) is a cry baby.

    That is utter disappointment, I mean be graceful not bitter.

    What is the difference between him and hooligan fans? Nothing, just the clothes. Sad.

  9. BeaSkin

    @Mikeasmar1 3 things
    1. Ferguson, followed by shankly then bill nic, are the greatest
    2. arsenal always is and always will live on there irrelevant past
    3. fuck you you dirty woolwich cunt cos you dont know nothing about football!!!

  10. ossiespurs

    The tide is turning you smug gooner tossers! Can’t wait to see the latest chapter of the rivalry – 5-1 in the Cup semi-final, 2-1 thanks to Danny Rose from 30 yards and then 3-2 at your gaff! Come on you Spurs!

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