25 Comments to “Football Rivalries Arsenal vs. Tottenham Part 1.”

  1. gardenpanda1

    @ThePoshGooner i never said we didn’t buy players .. u say arse-hole develop youth when u really have buy’d all the players in youre team !!.. get youre scum glasses off .. both Bale and Van der vaart have been better then wilshere this season !! .. arse-hole is french club based in england .. more frenchmen then englishmen for god sake u play in EPL .. Poor u racist cunt !!

  2. ThePoshGooner

    Wilshere outshone Xavi & Iniesta in his first season. He’s already an international and for my Player of The Season.

  3. ThePoshGooner

    Gibbs plays for England, Cruise played in CL, Thomas star of the future & Lansbury scored when we thumped you 4-1.

  4. gardenpanda1

    @ThePoshGooner haha you develop young.. give me a break all the young players u got in youre team are buyd players !! and who the hell is Thomas Gibbs Lansbury.. if you are gonna say just some random players from youre shitty academy then DONT !! .. we also got players more english players like Kyle Walker is just one name of the many whit a good futere!!

  5. yiddo67

    @gardenpanda1 your right mate,was forgetting all the others usually in the squad if theyre fit.they have 2.cant see the goon mugs point.

  6. gardenpanda1

    @ThePoshGooner peter, dawson, Hudd, lennon, king if he not injuerd. defoe, sometimes ,and sometimes woodgate .. how many are in youre !! wilshare and sometime’s walcott .. u got more frenchmen then englishmen in youre team fucking poor u racist cunt !!

  7. gardenpanda1

    @ThePoshGooner @ThePoshGooner im not racist against french players i just say its a disgrace to have more frenchmen then englishmen on a so called english team. So here is only one racsit and thats you.

    arse-hole fans dont wing ?! .. if u lose its cuz the ref is against u, also Wenger claimed team like stoke was to hard on youre players !. and now u are saying the media hates you ! and if wneger plays a team full of young players its like ooh why do we underestimate our opponent

  8. ThePoshGooner

    So if someone kills it’s OK cause’ it happens all the time? Course not, same with cheating. You’re the one in denial.

  9. ThePoshGooner

    I was horrified when I heard Wilshere assaulted a women, same with the Wenger affair. But they were both soon proved incorrect.

  10. yiddo67

    @ThePoshGooner most footballers cheat,more fool her for taking him back .gascgoines got nothing to do with me,just watched him at spurs.not defending him,you just cant see anything wrong in anyone to do with arsenal.

  11. ThePoshGooner

    And can you prove Wenger had an affair? Funny how little you’ve said about the self-confessed cheater Crouch but keep on talking about the forgotten, unconfirmed Wenger affair.

  12. ThePoshGooner

    Yes but they RECOVERED! Gazza’s still getting into carcrashes/rehab regularly. He doesn’t deserve anything he’s got. He’s the kind of person that makes you think “where is the hope for decent human beings?” Even a delusional glory hunting fan like you can understand if Gascgoine wasn’t English he would have been a “scummy, overrated thug” instead of the “heroic, World Class badly/unfairly publicised” player we’re supposed to believe he was

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