25 Comments to “Football Freestyler Billy Wingrove on TV Show Blue Peter”

  1. Randyfree16

    Cristiano ronaldo Freestyle video feat. Billy wingrove , Jeremy lynch and Ronaldinho


    Filmed in Spain. 2010 Exclusive . Check it out


    @MsKiro10 I suck at football in general, but my best record of kickups was 120 when I was around 12. Can’t do that now lol

  3. AbhirajGrewal

    this guy has skills…but he’s not the best…….check out skora,Fx, & Palle……thos are what u call freesylers……

  4. TheFreestyleCrew

    Ok, post me the best vid on billy wingrove, i swear i upload a vid when i do the same tricks, but better. OK?

  5. Rodriguezpowerr

    Did you ever see all of his combo’s dude u don’t know what u are saying if u were better than him you would be 2 a pro freestyler..

  6. rasengon28

    ppl at my school say im a good soccer and thats because im only really really bad at it(iv only been playing for a year and im 13)then i watch these and i lose the self esteem i once had

  7. TheFreestyleCrew

    I agree with Paulinho19Guara.. World top freestyler?! I am 13, and i can do harder combos than him. BUT i think he has a nice style, and is still a good freestyler. But, not one of the best.

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