Danny Rose vs Arsenal

Danny Rose’s initial aim for Tottenham in the premier league in opposition to Arsenal.

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  1. 48Hotspur1

    @Deekstercph where we are in the league means nothing the same as if you dont win it it means fuck all lol and being in the running means shit if youre not winning anything, if you cant see that we are closing the gap then thats great, you keep your blinkers on and we will carry on improving while you stand still, Go get 2nd no one remembers losers ! COYS

  2. TheDrummechanic

    <----Man U fan,but its almost been a year since this..and i watch this goal over and over..what a way to debut in the EPL..

  3. Deekstercph

    Mate, where are you in the league? At least we were in the running for most of those competitions which is a testamente to our class – however, we do lack that ast bit of winning mentality I will agree to that. Also, we are still up there in the league so it’s not all bad. By all means it is better than you guys unless you win the champions league of course. At the end of the season, even if we are only second in the league, we will still have done better than you. Go get 4th!

  4. 48Hotspur1

    @Deekstercph yeah same old crap from you goon mugs lol, said we wouldnt qualify and we did, said we wouldnt get past 1st round and we did, said we wouldnt get past group stage and we did, said we wouldnt beat AC Milan and we did, keep saying something long enough and youre bound to get something right yeah LOL 2-0 and you fucked it up, no carling cup no FA cup no champions league, fuck all yet again. Enjoy it ((O_O))…. COYS


    @gango24 listen u prick
    y dont go sumwere else and suck sum1s arse
    u waste man
    u remind me of a hoover after all dat sucking up u dik
    fuk of

  6. gango24

    @48hotspur1 im a liverpool fan and you were right wat you sed to that arsenal fan cuz even nott forest and aston villa hav got a champions league trophy just watch the look on their faces if you win this year chelsea and arsenal wud be gob smacked that a first timer has won it lol

  7. Deekstercph

    Lol. Aaron Lennon, Luka Modric all wear snood – get real. We can afford our stadium no trouble, ‘you ever heard of profitable debt you daft shellsuit wearing spud?
    Congrats, you won – I can’t take it from you guys. All I can say is this obsession with focusing on the failures of Arsenal instead of the ‘success’ of Spurs shows who is the biggest team in North London.
    We were in the running in all four tournaments, we couldn’t cut it in the end, yes. Still, it’s better than you

  8. Deekstercph

    Where are you in the league? You’ll cracgh out versus Real Madrid anyway. No Champions League for you guys next year. Enjoy it.

  9. 48Hotspur1

    @mightygunners if you dont know what we have won you goon mug then try looking at our history knobhead !! 2-0 and you fucked it up 2-0 and you fucked it up, champions league youre havin a laugh LOL

  10. 48Hotspur1

    @NOTTS2BASENG7 Bwaaahahahaha champions league your havin a laugh LOL you never win fuck all, you never win fuck all…. goons 1 Birmingham 2 LoooooL, no cup there then…..Man Utd 2 goons 0 LoooL.. no cup there then… erm champions league… no cup there then ahahahahaha… COME ON YOU SPURS !!!!

  11. Bravowun

    i’m a tottenham fan and i’m not just saying this but that is by far the best goal i have ever seen, i was behind the goal too, unbelievable!

  12. stonersid

    @NOTTS2BASENG7 you dominate the news because you have a manager that had an affair….be honest we all know that was a set up….like who would sleep with wenger and his packet of sweets, and secondly because your players have no discipline or spine, and wear snoods…real news is……you cant afford your stadium, have a team with no balls, and your here on a tottenham page where we took the piss out of you….how can you watch this game…how?

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