14 Comments to “Cristiano Ronaldo – Fake Rabona vs Tottenham HD 2011 UCL”

  1. StarRonaldo

    @MrFredi1979tauro I don’t speak Spanish, please if you have an ask tell me that in English, Italian or French 🙂

  2. dingoleh

    @kristalinis No I’m not. Galas is barely in the picture, he’s about ten feet from him. Don’t get me wrong I do like Ronaldo, he brings something different to the game. It’s just in this clip he isn’t tricking anybody, no one is defending him.

  3. StarRonaldo

    @dingoleh He does it for Enjoying the supporters (sometimes it’s annoying to stay sat on a chair and doin nothing) 😉

  4. dingoleh

    I don’t like Ronaldo when he does things like that. No one is on him.
    He has all the tricks but he forces them too much for me.

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