20 Comments to “Brighton HA vs Tottenham Hotspur Highlights 30-7-11”

  1. Dangrim9

    @mhtgooner Van der vart was being a bit of a wimp to be honest , but what a great player , amazing seeing all that talent on one pitch !

  2. RandomQuestions2011

    Hi to all football fans, could u please comment on this this video if u havent yet. Could u also spread it to other football fans on youtube to see who is the most supported team


  3. onlywantlove

    good game I would of watched it live but i was busy shagging someone i met through that secret shag website


    As a Brighton fan I don’t feel too hard done by with the result. We won’t see anything NEAR like Bale in the Championship, skinning up our full-backs like mental! That’s for the first, the second was a bit soft granted and the third… well the less said the better. No shame in being beaten by a top-5 Premier team, and lots of positives for the Albion boys! Didn’t get to this one and can’t wait till Donny!!!

  5. flamesurfer

    3 terrible goals by spurs, Albion were better team. AMAZING stadium, calm patient build up football kept on the floor. Should do well this season! Seagulls!

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