Berbatov – Tottenham Hotspur

New comp i have produced from clips i have of Dimitar Berbatov 🙂
Video Rating: four / five

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  1. Berchaus007lev

    @beerbatov …well at the moment i think it’s good that he’s at MUFC … becuase the fans realized that berba is one of the very best 😉 … and yes berba had his best time at tottenham … i’m just fed up with this stupid “berbaflop” from the united berba-haters^^

  2. Berchaus007lev

    german league has the most viewer of the world…german league has not one good team…there are nearly 10-13 ..bayer leverkusen (athletico madrid lost the group with lev.)… Munich second winner of the champions league..dortmund right now the best team of germany AND england tell me what u want… schalke and dortmund 2 teams with huge tradition (schalke in cl.) … stuttgart still in europe cup …. bremen bad right now but they showed that they can beat inter ( 3:0 ) second game of the c.l.

  3. Berchaus007lev

    @MRDONCRUZER dude dont behave kiddy… nazi u make me laugh stupid twat… guess u dont know anything about the german league… get adult !!!


    @Berchaus007lev Haha Bayern never bashed Manchester United……2-1 Is Not Basing because Wait Man United Lost On Aggregate Get your facts right…… WBA, Wolves, Blackpool Ok.! How bout Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Man City, Spurs, Everton, Villa, Birmingham They would kill any german…..spanish league theres barca, madrid, athletico madrid, sevilla, valencia, villareal, haa, french got Marseille, Lyon, Bordeaux, Italian League this bit you pissed me off, theres Both Milan, Juve. FUCK U NAZI

  5. Berchaus007lev

    @MRDONCRUZER oh yeah u’re soo right xDD … munich bashed manU, Lyon …. and they’re just on the 5th place right now … West bromwich albion, wolverhampton, blackpool…oohh i’m getting scared … in the spanish league there is just real and barca…rest is rubbish … italian has only inter… dutch has not one great club… the most viewer in the stadiums of the world has germany 🙂


    @Berchaus007lev Mate im not trying to be cool lool and german league is shitter than spanish, english, italian, portugese, dutch, and french so low it

  7. Berchaus007lev

    @MRDONCRUZER did u look at the date when I posted the comment?… i guess not… shitty german league?? lmao :D:D:D …. one thing…u’re not cool because u try to diss me… 🙂


    @Berchaus007lev Listen You Dumb Idiot Why Should Berba Go Away hes Top Scorer In league For Man Utd If You Dont Know Facts Stay Away From Prem And Go Back To You Shitty German league

  9. TheMrMuzzle

    @TheDalziel he is though…well now he is even though ive accepted him since day 1…this season every utd fan has embraced the guy..on his way in becoming a utd legend

  10. TheDalziel

    @TheMrMuzzle can you read? I said he isn’t appreciated in the same way as he was at Tottenham , he’s never been fully accepted here.

  11. TheDalziel

    Fantastic video. It sounds corny but sometimes a player just finds a stage to perform, Cantona at OT, Di Canio at UP, Bergkamp at Highbury. WHL was Berbatovs stage and he orchestrated play with the panache, and flair of a true genuis. Shouldn’t have gone and isn’t appreciated at OT in the same way.

  12. coxieyid


    Shame you didn’t go a few seasons earlier mate to see either Klinsmann or Ginola, Berbatov is class but those to piss all over him.

  13. GlennyB1992

    I have had a season ticket at spurs since 1999, and in the short time i’ve been alive, I can’t name a player who’s provided so much entertainment for tottenham fans. Bale is incredible, modric is very impressive, but for pure class, berbatov is still no.1, when united play at the lane, he gets abuse from the crowd, which I find disgusting, I applauded him when we played united, he is a genius, and if anybody else had stepped up for the carling cup penalty, we wouldnt of won that day, fact.

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