Berbatov and Gatso Batsov

On 22.05 Dimitar Berbatov was a guest at a well-liked Bulgarian discuss indicate. In the middle of the interview he was introduced to the most popular Bulgarian football player…Gatso Batsov from Batsova Mahala!…Wherever are you going, huh? See what takes place….:-D
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  1. VibratorDefibrilator

    This is “a warm welcome” served in bulgarian manner. See, Berbatov is not confused at all. That is because, you know, he is at home, in his motherland (or fatherland) and he talks to his falks freely, in a way he can not afford to himself to talk to his teammates, for example. This matter is just for local viewers and all the jokes were about self irony on a national level, generally speaking.
    God, it’s so difficult to write in english, when you are bulgarian…

  2. martinkovachki

    I have read some of the earlier comments and i just have wet my pants laughting. One guy from the “country” of Macedonia thinks that Blagoevgrad is part of Macedonia, but ocupated by Bulgaria! ROFL They are being brainwashed by Serbia. I guess they dont know that their country “Macedonia” is part of the region Macedonia in Bulgaria. But unfortunatly one part of this region was stolen after WW2 and in 1991 they decided to give this “country” independence.

  3. krisitak

    @Onreg That is because , there are some stupid bulgarians ,that have nothing better to do than fighting people in YOutube. Just ignore them. These stupid bulgarians make us look bad…

  4. ludiqtitan

    For those of u who think that bulgarians dont have nothing incoment to the new world – Have u ever heard about John Attanosov ? The man who created the first computer in the world ? Ask google !

  5. lost7418880

    Well, people are different, it’s wrong to separate them by their country. There are just different people everywhere. Can you say that in your country people are all the same? I’m sure you can’t. Anyway, greetings from Bulgaria and I wish you to visit our country again since you liked it the first time you came here.

  6. Slu4ainika

    Mitko is coming from diMITar 🙂 It’s a short way to call someone who is named Dimitar 🙂 Johnathan – Johny 🙂 Something like that 🙂

  7. therock54

    @aenkmnp im mexican thanx for the explanation,it may not be that funny but is entertaining…he looks like ANDY garcia hahah

  8. khusul

    Berba is so wise, when he said that only the people who can’t play, are the ones who kick.. He’s so right.
    What a man! He’s perfect! I Love You Dimi!

  9. 7monik

    може би и аз се нуждая от “превод”, за да знам къде да се смея при такива тъпни! Мнооого смешно, че се казва “ората” и “убав” и че киселото зеле усмъртявало, осмърдявайки играчите на терена!
    Бай Ганьо се смее на байганьовски смешки! Друго не му е по капацитета!
    Сори за Радков, добър актьор е, но повечето бг комици пропадат в пропастта на лошия вкус!

  10. CeritaDia

    This is the first time I ever saw him smiling. Beautifully. I’m not Bulgarian, but the translation helps, and I get most of the jokes. Great show nonetheless. Wish my country have this!

  11. Onreg

    i’ve been to bulgaria and i think both the country and people are really, really nice, so i know that the image people have of you is very wrong.
    so why is it when i come across bulgarian people on the internet, they always seem so bitter and nasty? what the hell is up with that? i’m just curious.
    if this is the impression you want to give of your country then you can expect people to say bad stuff about you.

    and just to clarify, i have nothing against you at all. peace.

  12. gogata951

    As I see, there are few people that actually know anything about Bulgaria and they think they know sth, but the DON’T. These who say that Bulgaria sucks – huh… I’m sure that they have never been in BG, so there is no point to comment.

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