25 Comments to “Ball In The Bag Challenge – Vertonghen Attempts A Rabona | Spurs TV”

  1. Tottenham Hotspur

    After his rabona wonder goal can Erik Lamela complete the ball in a bag
    challenge? Watch Jan try to emulate Lamela too! #rabona #THFC #COYS 

  2. Jamie UK

    I said it weeks ago and I’ll stick to it Spurs will be deep in relegation
    fight come Christmas. It’s the worst group of players I’ve ever seen in a
    Spurs team. Levy wants to start answering a few questions himself! Deluded
    fans can message abuse back but they need to wake up. Spurs current team
    are shit! I’ve been a fan for 34 years & decided I would not go to WHL
    again last year. had enough of this shit! They’ll be relegated then who
    will Levy blame? wake up Spurs fans they are crap. If it wasn’t for piss
    poor teams like QPR, Sunderland & Burnley then we’d be bottom now. 

  3. Jack Devall

    Maybe if you spent more time training against the long ball than doing
    challenges based on a goal that proves lamela is one footed we would win
    some games

  4. Owen Jones

    We need to change our style, Start playing a false 9 (Chadli/Kane) with
    stretched wingers (Lamela/Townsend) Capoue as a holding CM and
    Paulinho/Eriksen just in front with space to manoeuvre and engineer
    chances. Adebayor and Soldado are too inconsistent and unreliable and i
    believe Chadli Would benefit greatly playing this role. 

  5. Jamie UK

    Forget the bag! Try putting a Barn door on the training pitch and see how
    many of them can hit that………….. On current form I’d say very few!
    Spurs team in living history. 

  6. steven ockenden

    THis is the sort of thing fans wanna see after watching such utter wank on
    the pitch. do they not care?? or are they ignoring the fact Spurs are so
    fucking awful.

  7. DirtyRottenBastard

    See this is what happened during the match, i had to watch that 3 times
    before i realized that Jan tried lamela’s Rabona and almost got it in the
    basket lol

  8. Ethan Kelly

    I love jan but its his attitude that fucking sucks it really pisses me off
    going on about what the point if you cant win proves where his heart is and
    its not at spurs

  9. G00ner91

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL scroll down and you will see a solution to Spurs’ problems
    in the form of an in depth statement explaining why Nacer Chadli should
    play as a false 9.

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