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  1. jackmilo89

    @Pomaori Maybe Walcott should play upfront i know that’s where he wants to play so then he can rely on his pace because out wide he has to take on his FB with skill and he literally doesn’t have any neither does he have any intelligence of what to do.Yeah i know what you are saying but surely the first thing a footballer should be in this country is good technically? Brazil,Holland,Spain i could go on are far superior technically than English players and why is that.

  2. Pomaori

    @jackmilo89 Spot on with walcott. And here is what frustrates me with wenger in that he fails to see how consistently poor walcott is. Ox looks every part the player that theo isn’t. But its early days. In terms of england, I generally think that the global trend is towards players with technical ability. So in that respect I think england will naturally breed those players. There are a few around like wilshere, mceachran, ox,ravel morrison. What do you reckon mate ?

  3. jackmilo89

    @Pomaori Yep Walcott is awful no technical ability what so ever just relies on pace.Do you think England will ever produce any skillfull players?.Ox looks promising though has looked good on his rare starts.Enrique has been very good this season aswell as last season for me he is the best LB in the prem right now and he still cant get a game for Spain! just shows you how good Spain are.Hoilett is out on contract in the summer and i think Harry likes him but tbh Harry likes to sign everyone.

  4. Pomaori

    @jackmilo89 Mate we are singing from the same hymn sheet lol. I rate all those players alot. Victor moses has been superb same with hoilett and sessegnon and I don’t know why drenthe doesn’t get more game time. Haven’t seen enough of enrique because liverpool are so boring. All those other players should play for top 4 clubs. I think arsenal could do with someone like sessegnon. Walcott is absolute rubbish and ox is young but looks promising. He would be a great fit

  5. jackmilo89

    @Pomaori Im glad you see this aswell because it only seems to be Chelsea fans who rate this kid,but you know what your talking about so its not a surprise you rate him too.The other players i think have been really good this season who don’t get enough credit by media are Victor Moses,Junior Hoilett,Sessegnon,Drenthe and Jose Enrique.

  6. Pomaori

    @jackmilo89 Ramiers is seriously top class. I think he can be one of the best CM in the world if he gets the right players around him. His movement is superb, he has great stamina and his technique is great. He has it all, he was a great signing.

  7. jackmilo89

    @Pomaori Yep Robben is a world class player shame about his injuries though,he wanted to leave that’s why we sold him.De Bryune and Willain too good young technical players who can makes us better in the final third.We still desperately need a creative centre mid though its a player we have needed for years and we haven’t really had one.Shame we missed out on Modric and Pastore both players would have been perfect for us.Oh and I’m glad you mentioned Ramires what a player he is! love that guy.

  8. Pomaori

    @jackmilo89 AVB has all the qualities to build a great side. He just needs time because the chelsea squad is a mess atm with all the different managers. De bryune and Willian are the kind of players that chelsea need and if they get them in along with mata and ramires chelsea will be great to watch. Jose is defensive but his teams do attack, look at madrid. He just prefers to have more defence minded players then technical ones. Robben is world class, I never understood why they let him go

  9. jackmilo89

    @Pomaori I hope you are right,lets just hope Roman gives him the chance to build his own team.You are right about Wenger being too loyal to some of his players like Arshavin, Chamakh etc.I think maybe he needs a stronger person with him who will stand up to him and tell him what he needs to do and give him advice.Jose is a character and i love characters in the game ,sometimes the football can be a bit defensive but saying that 433 with Robben, Duff was fantastic and he guarantees you trophies.

  10. 09GregRoy

    I don’t know if these Idiots know but Both Bale and Modric have another 4/5 Years left on there contracts at Spurs. Daniel Levy has stated serveal times and continues to say that Spurs are no longer a Feeder club so why these people think we will sell our best players for 30/50 Million pounds is ridiculous. Spurs are now an established top 4 Team and should still be in the title race come the end of the season a few signing in the Summer and no doubt next year we will be up there!

  11. Pomaori

    @jackmilo89 Jose was a legend mate, hope he returns to the english game. Sounds like he is not enjoying it in madrid. Spot on with wenger, there is a lot to be admired about his philosophy. But at the same time you are right about the fact he is far too stubborn. He is too loyal to his players even when they have shown they are not good enough to take the club forward. I dont want a manager who just goes out and spends 30 mill on the next biggest thing. I think AVB will bring identity to chelsea

  12. OriginalYTName

    I hate how people are talking about how our players are just open for anyone to buy.

    Seriously, fuck off, people hate the fact that Spurs’ are breaking into the top 4 with a starting 11 worth less than anyone else in the top 6, paying wages substantially less than anyone in the top 6 and playing some beautiful football all at the same time.

    Why would any of our players want to go anywhere? We’d have to MASSIVELY fuck up to finish outside the top 4 now and we SHOULD still be in the title race.

  13. jackmilo89

    @ARSENAL4Scum1 With some foreigners yes but not all.We see some great technical footballers in the prem from different countries that this country dream about producing.

  14. ARSENAL4Scum1

    @jackmilo89 that’s their problem , and they’re also the problem with modern football


  15. jackmilo89

    @ARSENAL4Scum1 Never said people dream about finishing 4th but Football has moved on 4th place is vital for football clubs.Winning the cup is a dream for some but some foreign players they don’t care they just wanna play at the top level for top money.

  16. ARSENAL4Scum1

    @jackmilo89 ah gerrup out of that pal , you sound like a calculated , passionless prick (i say sound like , i don’t make rash judgements) , winning the cup is what you dream about , noone dreams of finishing 4th when you’re a kid do ya

    P.S. , i’ve seen us win the cup 5 times , and i hope i see us win it again , and again , and again 😀


  17. jackmilo89

    @Pomaori Every team Jose leaves lack identify after, i remember Porto going through loads of managers after Jose and struggling and the same with Inter.I have a lot of respect for Wenger because he plays the game the way it should be played he doesn’t just spend money for the sake of spending money, he usually only spends what the clubs brings in and always gives youngsters a chance.His philosophy is to be admired yes sometimes he is stubborn with the financial side and other aspects.

  18. jackmilo89

    @ARSENAL4Scum1 You dont care about revenue even though it helps finance new players so your team can get better? You don’t care that your club wont be in Europe’s biggest club competition?.You cant rely on just players from your academy because not everyone from your academy will bee good enough for the first team.Its not like your club or you haven’t seen Arsenal win the FA cup before is it? Top 4 is more important.

  19. ARSENAL4Scum1

    @jackmilo89 im a fan , i dont care about revenue , i want us to win something and have pride in our achievements

    and to get players from our academy like frimpong , wilshere , gibbs , etc.


  20. Pomaori

    @jackmilo89 Chelsea have lacked identity since jose. That’s why as a gooner I am such an advocate of wenger because he gives the club an identity and direction. I wouldn’t want to be in your position of all this chopping and changing. It’s not positive. Terry and lampard should be on their way out IMO they are relics. Terry has a little more in his tank than lamps. I think spurs need a striker desperately they will make moves for maybe doumbia, or remy im sure there are other targets also

  21. jackmilo89

    @Pomaori I hope he gets given time aswell tbh im sick to death of changing managers nearly every season i want a manager who build his own team and be given time saying that we MUST get in the top 4 this season at least.I want to see Luiz play at CB but i just think in the end it will be Cahill and Terry and i feel Luiz is far too good of a footballer to be sitting on the bench he just needs to be coached to stop diving into tackles and being so rash.Who do you think Spurs will buy in the summer

  22. Pomaori

    @jackmilo89 I just hope Roman gives him the time hes pretty impatient. Another one we will have to disagree on lol I am not saying he couldn’t do a job but is he a world class DM in the making ? highly unlikely. And if that’s the kind of aspirations chelsea have, to be the best, they need the best players in every position. Much better to play romeu or in that position they are much better suited to that position. Leave Luiz at CB and help him develop and build to encourage him going forward

  23. jackmilo89

    @Pomaori I tend to disagree i think he is good enough technically,ive seen him play for Brazil under 20s and Benfica playing midfield and he he stood out.I think he can not only play DM but maybe be a box to box aswell maybe.I mean sometimes he is Chelsea best attacker and you see him up at right wing sometimes doing step overs and scissors and some of his passers from long rage are superb.We are in transition as i said earlier we are buying more technical players to suit AVB style.

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