Bad Boys 1/5

A bad boys eleven select is picked from the toughest, roughest gamers in the historical past of football. 1. Harald Schumacher (FC Cologne) two. Ron Harris (Chelsea) three. Julian Dicks (West Ham Utd) four. Tommy Smith (Liverpool) 5. Norman Hunter (Leeds Utd) 6. Dave Mackay (Tottenham) 7. Norman Whiteside (Man Utd) 8. Roy Keane (Guy Utd) 9. John Fashanu (Wimbledon) ten. Francis Lee (Man City) 11. Graeme Souness (Liverpool) Roy Keane – Captain Graeme Souness – Player Supervisor

25 Comments to “Bad Boys 1/5”

  1. kisbie

    It’s interesting how many fans actually prefer the players who’d prefer to kick the other players instead of the damn ball. Sometimes you wonder why they bother having the ball or goal nets.

  2. solarveillesurtoi

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  3. proberthull24

    No Vinnie jones hmmmm and no Billy Whitehurst tut tut would expect them in it id remove fashanu and whiteside im afriad for Big billy and jones

  4. sTeVie4TV

    @FamousCFC66 They’ve got rid of the blood and guts players and brought in shirt pullers and divers who play kickball with themselves. They get penalties for tripping over a bootlace. You don’t see any honest tackles or up and at them football. Its gone soft and boring. Hardly watch it anymore. Just England games and thats more pain than pleasure.

  5. yortsandthat

    7:54 Julien Dicks gets his head kicked in but stays on his feet!!! You’ll never see todays pussies in the Premiership do that anymore!

  6. racewalkingrules

    its not cheap opinion, if you look at the last couple of years, its nearly always the english teams going right to the end in the CL.

  7. oscarmcmc

    If you look at the top ten teams in Europe (ie: European Titles and/or European Titles and all titles), the first English team (Liverpool) comes 5th. In terms of victories in general, Spain has more of everything… La Liga, with facts not just cheap opinions, is the best.

  8. oscarmcmc

    Its funny how overrated Manchester United is in the UK. Everybody here (I live in UK) regard them as something big… when we all know in Europe that they are not even in the top 5!… prove that Premier is a low league with a couple of good years (on which Spain has still won more european titles)…

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