25 Comments to “Arsenal vs Tottenham 2-3”

  1. OriginalYTName

    Important game tomorrow lads, anyone know any good live streams?

    If we win this and City and Arsenal draw we are properly in this title race.


    @LiamZefG A fucking better team than you bunch of smelly dirty CUNTS!!!! 2-0 Then you fucked it up lol!!!!!!!!!! pmsl lol!!!!!!

  3. gizza4

    @LiamZefG Yes Liam keep telling yourself that sunshine. No trophies in how long? Now playing your first team in the cup we won in 2008 which Wenger called ‘meaningless’. Not beaten us in your last two league games, couldn’t win a piss poor Champions League group while we were beating the reigning champions. Still not won as many trophies as we have in Europe even though we were awful in the 90s and early noughties. And Fab to leave this summer. Your bubble is bursting. 2 0 and you fucked it up.

  4. xDINGxDONGx

    Haha we don’t believe were gonna win the league every year like the disillusioned arsenal

    U was once unstoppable but now Ur time has passed and your shit again!!!

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