25 Comments to “Arsenal 3 – Spurs 1”

  1. mew2rox2341

    just think.
    In Arsenal’s badge, it has a cannon, which represents the gunners
    In chelseas badge, it has a lion.
    in west hams badge, it has 2 axes to represent strength.
    In tottenhams badge, it has a chicken standing on a beach ball

  2. 17akib

    Arsenal have won 13 league titles, Tottenham have won 2.
    – Arsenal have won 10 FA Cups. Tottenham have won 8.
    – Tottenham have not won a league title for 50 years. That’s HALF A CENTURY.
    – Since Tottenham last won the league Arsenal have won it 6 times.
    – .
    – Arsenal have won the league at Tottenham’s ground twice.
    – Arsenal have completed 49 games without losing.
    – Arsenal have qualified for the CL for 14 straight years. Tottenham have qualified once.

  3. merrick104

    take that spuds thinking u will finish above us you silly twats we will always spunk your team at the emirates at the lane or in outer space

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