23 Comments to “All Tottenham Hotspur Goals 2009-10”

  1. twistedbutlogical

    I don’t think I can go any further back than this one, the footage just isn’t out there. Got one in the pipeline for this season though.

  2. Miso0211

    OMG…. Wonderful technic: 2:53 !!!! I think that can only be Niko…. that was so far his best season at the Lane!!! I absolutly love to watch him play…. NIKO you’re awesome….

  3. bdonald711

    GO SPURS!!! and Aaron Lennon Love all the goals especially Defoes Bicycle kick vs Man Utd but cant find it on youtube and the 9-1 win vs wigan

  4. twistedbutlogical

    Didn’t want to ruin the flow, but I agree – four seconds of footage does not do that moment justice.

  5. LoyalYidoo

    class, don’t know how you can put the crouch goal at city up and not show the celebration after though!!!

  6. twistedbutlogical

    Van der Vaart’s injury should give them plenty of time to get to know each other – I’m optimistic it can work out. Agreed re Europe as well. Hopefully our policy of playing the youth in the Europa will aid the league campaign.

  7. MarkSmith1992

    played some beautiful stuff that year! i think not being in europe helped our cause a little tho. we need to get back to playing 4-4-2 as soon as. i think adebayor and defoe would link up pretty well together. defoe just needs to get his finishing boots back on.

  8. Patt1s0n

    We play so much better as a 4-4-2… Having to accommodate VdV is costing us so many games. Last season is proof!

  9. twistedbutlogical

    Aw, busted. I thought the song would be all the more appropriate for having been on FIFA, though, right? Always did like the band and the song anyways.

  10. HARJET18

    Love this tune!!!! Great goals from spurs COYS!!! Was behind the goal against liverpool when beniot assou-Ekotto scored what a GOALeven some scoursers was applauding lol

  11. DMorlio18

    I was right in front of that goal cos I was in the Villa end with my mate a Villa fan and it was a cracker! Thought it was handball at first though.

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