AC Milan (Gattuso) vs Tottenham Hotspurs Full Fight

The strain all started off when Flamini tackled Rafael Van Der Vaart later on Mathieu manufactured a cruel tackle on Verdan Corluka and Vedran had to be substituted for Woodgate. Minutes previous absent and last but not least the initial goal was founded by an support from Aaron Lennon and the target scored by the six ft seven (two.01m) striker Peter Crouch. Milan wasn’t gonna let the Spurs win so they arrived back with an incredible byciclekick of Zlatan Ibrahimović but it wasn’t a objective result in Ibracadrba pushed a defender. And Gatusso wasn’t convinced that it was offside than he lost his temper. 1 factor is distinct Gennaro Ivan Gattuso loves to battle with peoples. 1st video clip in Hd. PSN cards for free of charge: Are you also sick of those random YouTube channel themes & colors and want a cool seeking YouTube channel-page? Download my YouTube channel template. Here’s are the backlinks: Nike YouTube Template: PlayStation YouTube Template Daily life Arch: PlayStation YouTube Template Wave: PlayStation YouTube Wave Of Light: Go to my channel for illustration: © NikeSoccerHD Make sure you subscribe!

25 Comments to “AC Milan (Gattuso) vs Tottenham Hotspurs Full Fight”

  1. TToTToTT

    @jtz91 Gattuso is 1.77m tall, taller than that of the average canadian. Im guessing you came from a land full of men shorter than dwarfs?

  2. blahblahblah100ize

    gattuso is a cunt. Look at that head butt. A head butt of a pussy. He tried that to me I’d fuck him good and proper.

  3. edd0f

    @wesleymunn Gattuso is a tough guy and he is not shy expressing how he feels. Even if he is a hot headed you have to piss him really good to make him do what he did. Jordan must be smart or more probable very childish too to make Gattuso burst in rage, something the worst trash talkers in Italy are only able to do.

  4. Uchia0liveira

    i like a.c.milan since a long, and gattuso always was my favourite player… exactly because when he has to kick someone’s ass… e really kicks it!

  5. wesleymunn

    Gattuso acting like a little girl bet he went home and had a cry to his mum coz he didnt get his own way, His proberly just jealous coz he aint playing in the best league in the world English premiership, ITI football is shit!!!!!

  6. DLVitt

    @lebnen143 He’s probably more safe on a pitch than the outburts of primadonna Rooney or the antics of Joey Barton.

    Quit shitting on him, there’s always two sides to every story.

  7. kickar

    @lepaulus And how the fuck did Joe Jordan play football when he was the same age of Gattuso, huh? Vinnie Jones learned from Joe Jordan………..

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