25 Comments to “Aaron Lennon Interview | Channelbee”

  1. sockey77

    you are my lennon my aaron lennon
    you make me happy when skies are grey
    your better value then theo walcott
    ….and by the way Sol campbell is gay nah nah nah nah nah!!

    wengar went to southampton and chose walcott instead of bale lol

  2. BeeRsounds

    a lack of verbal articulation doesnt necessitate stupidity. answering questions in front of a camera isnt that easy either.

  3. capokhatpin

    Having such a low IQ is a good thing for a footballer. It shields you from the stress of giving a shit about people who think that you are thick…..

  4. Pur3Blitz

    when i clicked this video i was like
    ….huh why is he wearing the man city away kit (09/10) ..
    it turns out its a hoody -__-

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