10 Questions for Thierry Henry

The soccer star crossed the Atlantic to join the New York Red Bulls. Thierry Henry will now take your queries.
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  1. Filip3anut

    @ChritachY U.S. is powerful we have the highest GDP. you probably don’t even know that. You’re mixing up your facts theres no point in arguing with someone who lacks intelligence.

  2. Filip3anut

    @ChritachY 1 your spelling/grammar is terrible. 2 the word soccer is what the british call it before it was called football. The proper term was soccer search anywhere online and you’ll see that I’m correct. search “origin of the word soccer” and seriously? Americans made youtube. not the plane, trains, television, computers, Facebook, cars ELECTRICITY!! Benjamin franklin invented electricity you’re very ignorant to say americans did no invent those you need to search your facts.

  3. ChritachY

    @Filip3anut loloooooooool XD you stupid idiot 🙂 1. thats your word for football “soccer” 2. the only thing from the list that realy comes from america is youtube dude ^^ all the other stuff comes from europ!!!! :D:D:D

    and 3. iff america goes down there is just one thing happening “NOTHING” XD nobody depends on you everybody is hating your nation the best 2 things from america are hiphop and Tony Montana 😛

    and america is better in what???? give me one thing 😉

  4. ChritachY

    @Filip3anut jeah but the truth about ww2 and all of the other wars off the usa are like this: ohh look there are so many countris fighting against them come on we have no chance to lose “lets fight” :D:D:D:D i mean in ww2 there was 35 states against 2 and the war takes 5 jears ^^ XD

  5. ChritachY

    @Filip3anut lol ^^ usa isnt the most powerfull country in the world!!! XD
    us are many states and attak little states like irak with the help off european nations 😉 thats the reason why they look so powerfull!!! :D:D:D but if the EU take care off the united states they have no chance!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHA

  6. MCMikzi

    No no no Henry, one of the BEST forwards in europa move to the states to play “soccer” haha no he just went to new york cause he loves the cite – nice move. we miss you

  7. shansyn

    Wtf! Did the comments on this page get swapped with some radical Bill O’Reilly vide? Man is talking about football/soccer and you ass-hats are rambling on about the significance of Cold War tactics that shaped the current state of the west.

  8. TheMrMuzzle

    @Filip3anut hmm afghanistan was a lie aswell your country set up 911 (well your government)and my country came along and stuck their dick into your ass..anyway us only joined ww2 for its own reasons…

    you must be one ugly son of a bitch if you even thought of fucking a walking zombie..the queens like 100 years old..

  9. Filip3anut

    @TheMrMuzzle we were neutral we supplied both allies and axis with weapons. Hitler didn’t want us to join the only reason why U.S. joined was because of pearl harbor. The truth is the war in iraq is bullshit. But the war in Afghanistan is was because of 9/11. U.S. is still the most powerful country in the world. BTW i fucked your queen.

  10. TheMrMuzzle

    @Filip3anut you idiots came when the war was finished haha trying to take all the credit as usual..your country was made by causing massacre your country lives by causing genocide and your country will die killing…sorry thats the truth..

  11. Filip3anut

    @TheMrMuzzle Without for us no one would have aided you in ww2. not all war was started by the u.s. you need to learn your facts before say shit.

  12. Filip3anut

    @benzy199 dude dont hate on americans. Without for us you won’t even be on youtube, online, have a computer, have internet, have a phone, electricity, cars, trains, planes and many more. So what if we “yanks” are not always hyped with SOCCER. yeah I SAID IT SOCCER A WORD THAT WAS GIVIN BY YOUR PEOPLE NOT AMERICANS BUT THE ENGLISH. We may not be the best at this sport but we’re still better than you at everything else. The world depends on us. If we go down YOU ALL GO DOWN (economy)

  13. benzy199

    @akbb1234567890 number 1 i,m english, not british, or should we call you mexicans or canadians because your part of the same continant. number 2. then you got knocked out by ghana, probly the worse team that where left, we where knocked out by the favourites to win the world cup, that settles that. yanks only satrted watching football when david beckham moved to america, another celbratity for you to suck off and jump on the band waggon with

  14. akbb1234567890

    @benzy199 contrary to your beliefs, we “yanks” know more than you think. we do have television and internet. im sorry but i absolutely hate when british people hate on americans when it comes to this sport. if i remember correctly,USA finished above england this past WC

  15. benzy199

    you yanks no nothing of arsenal and the pride in engish football, and you yanks with never know how lucky you are to even look at this man, best foreign player to ever play in the premier league ever, full stop, ARSENAL TILL I DIE

  16. xKiERoN

    Man, I really miss Thierry. He’s my idol and my hero and I would love nothing in the world more to see him return to Arsenal after his retirement, maybe as a coach or manager and for him to be successful.
    I cannot express my love and gratitude for Thierry Henry.

  17. MessiSpeedster

    @ramseywilshere And he isn’t your husband or something, let him be already, geez! He is a world-wide famous player, MANY people think he is a legend wherever he goes.

  18. MessiSpeedster

    @ramseywilshere Dude, what im trying to say is that he is a legend to ME, only ME. TO ME, he’s a legend in Barca, i don’t know why the fuck you take things like this so seriously, what the hell is your problem anyways? I do not “worship” Messi, i just like him as a player, thats FUCKING it. Go get a damn life, and respect people’s opinions!

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